Clarus Care

Our registered nurses regularly visit your facility, ensuring an expert in the field is as focused on the Patient needs as you are. When it comes to the linen industry’s products, we stay ahead of the curve on cutting edge advancements and constantly assess the quality of products available to make sure your patients are safe and comfortable. For more about our 5-part Clarus Care coverage that sets us apart from our competition, see below.


Linen Asset Manager (LAM)

We know that increased safety and controlled spending mean better financials results that can transform enhance patient care. We dedicate a Linen Asset Manager for each client account to oversee exactly what reusable linen products go in and out of your facility on a daily basis. Based on their attention to detail, the asset managers will set PAR levels that make the most sense—and manage inventory and the costs of patient-day needs.


Patient Service Representative (PSR)

We believe there is nothing more important to our success than the satisfaction of the patients you’re helping. So we hire highly experienced registered nurses to serve as our Patient Service Representative. Their singular mission is to advocate for the best care possible for each and every patient at your facility. Their knowledge about infection prevention also means they can also be counted on to help avoid crises.

Lauren Hutchinson, RN, BSN
Regional Patient Services Representative

Setting Performance Goals

Looking to maximize efficiency? Our proprietary Linen Utilization Program will create smarter, more effective distribution and ultimately save you money. We track the use of all reusable linen products at your facility, keep you appraised of product advancements in the industry and send you a “Clarus Client Scorecard” every year that will allow you to make better decisions about how you do business.


Maximize Quality

We never stop looking for ways to improve your HCAHPS scores. If there’s an opportunity to boost the Quality of Linen Products, we’ll find it for you. Our team is trained to search and find the best new items on the market.


Clarus On Call

We understand that healthcare is a business that never stops so our 24-hour express service means you have support whenever you need it. Our professionals staff is knowledgable in how hospitals and nursing homes operate so they can help solve problems immediately.