Voluntarily Child Support Agreement and Its Letter Sample

Having a divorced parent might be a little too much for their child, especially those at young ages. It is not something we always want, but it is an inevitable incident if there is no stout relationship between the spouses. When it comes to that, voluntarily child support might come in giving responsibility for both parents to hold up until their child is ready enough to set off on its own.

26.Voluntarily Child Support Agreement

What is a Voluntarily Child Support Agreement?

A voluntarily child support is an agreement that is fully and comprehensively agreed upon between both spouses and approved later by the court. Usually, child support is arranged by the court. Nevertheless, both parents can arrange their own agreement concerning child support pre-court. These agreements might include details on expenses for their child and other daily need related matter.

Can a Wife Put Husband on Child Support?

The answer to that is yes. It is still within the obligation of a father to support his child. So, the probability of a wife putting a husband on child support is still there, even when they are not divorced. The voluntarily child support agreement, however, will still be arranged by the court before the order of divorce begins.

Why is Child Support So Unfair?

There is indeed a presumption that fathers need to hold the bear of paying any expenses of their child when both spouses are divorced. This leaves only the mother who cares for them while the father is the one who pays for them. It is not actually unfair as it is more logical to leave child support to the father as they are obligated to support their child.

Tips in Writing a Voluntarily Child Support Agreement

Some key elements need to be paid attention very carefully to fully create an understandable voluntarily child support agreement between both parties. Below is a list of steps to the know-how on the letter

  • Point out any future needs, expenses of your child
  • Write reasonable responsibilities shared by two parents
  • Do not give any alarming restriction on both parents in child custody

The Sample of Voluntarily Child Support Agreement

By knowing the sample of the letter, your time in thinking its content will be conserved. Look down below for the sample.

Dear Judge Harrison,

The ensuing points onward will point out several agreements on child support. After a series of tense discussions between both parents, we have come to terms with any condition of the agreed terms.

First thing first, the educational expenses of the child are agreed to be incurred by the father until the child finishes the college education. The father will bear 70% percent of the fee, while the mother will cover the rest of 30%. Regarding day-to-day expenses, the father will contribute $1500 a month. On the other hand, the mother will send the amount of $300 a month. Speaking of any unexpected expenses, such as sudden needs for clothes, phones, and others, it will solely be in the hands of the father. Lastly, any insurance will be paid by the father.

Those are all the terms that both parents have come to terms with. We expect to hand this over to the court by the end of the month.

Thank you

Sincerely yours


Silvy, Attorney

Those are all the details of voluntarily child support that needs to be thought about whenever you are encountered divorce.

It may come useful as you can view what there needs to be in your agreement later.



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