Faculty Recommendation Letter and The Sample

Getting known by your lecturer or even the president of your faculty is a plus in a lifetime that you should consider making use of it. If by any chance you can be involved in faculty activities involving lecturers, you can gain an experience that no other can if you live up to your lecturers’ expectations. For that to happen, you need to be fully skilled at what you are good at, show what you are capable of in your day-to-day activities. Who knows? A lecturer might notice your existence and start writing a faculty recommendation letter for you.

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What is a Faculty Recommendation Letter?

A faculty recommendation letter is a letter written by an individual at an educational level referred to a student that fulfils the capacity to be recommended over a particular position in a faculty. This position might vary from the assistant lecturer. There is also a letter for the lecturer itself who might get promoted and someone might recommend them for it. Having said that, this opportunity should not come to waste badly.

How do You Write a Faculty Recommendation Letter?

To successfully write a recommendation letter, one needs to think cautiously of what the referee has as their strongest traits. Have a look at the list of elements before writing a faculty recommendation letter.

  • Start with the introduction
  • Address the students’/lecturers’ name
  • State the reason or pro for choosing them
  • Make a depth description of their embodiment

Do Professors Write a Bad Recommendation Letter?

Naturally, they do not often do that. While it is common sense for them not to write one, but they can also write one if they want to. It might not be a good idea to have a professor write it for you. Nevertheless, you can try other lecturers who have the luxury you need.

The Sample of Faculty Recommendation Letter

A gentle and prodigious faculty recommendation letter should be planted into your mind before writing one. Thankfully, you can look down below for the sample.

Dear head of English literature program


It is my honor to present to you my finest English literature student, Harry. I am willing to recommend him as a lecturer assistant due to my experience in teaching him. Throughout the year, Harry has shown compassion and desire in becoming a helper who can assist others. Fully motivated and disciplined, he is the most eligible option, should you look for a lecturer assistant.

Harry comes in as a family member who struggles to feed their family. He is a hard worker who is willing to sacrifice most of his free time to have fun and use that to get a part-time job to support his family.

Not to mention his over the top discipline, he is also neat with documentation and archive. He was the president of the English club back in the day and had shown true obedience with time and purpose. As an assistant lecturer, there is not a more compatible solution than Harry.

It is my pleasure to recommend him and hopefully, he can be considered for the position. Should you wish to discuss this matter further, you can reach out to me at 23024934857.

Thank you

Sincerely yours,


Mr. asep, an English literature lecturer

By reading the hints of a faculty recommendation letter above, you can start picking up some eligible options for your recommendation.

Additionally, that kind of letter will prove itself to be helpful, especially in improving one’s growth in their life.


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