Create an Attorney Client Termination Letter for Your Client

Being a lawyer is a career that has its challenges; it must win a lawsuit against the clients he works with. Of course, they need a variety of information, documentation, data, and client privacy information to know the burden of the case that is being carried out. However, many clients are reluctant to cooperate and collaborate fully with lawyers, and of course, lawyers will find it increasingly difficult to win lawsuits. So, it is not uncommon for many lawyers who break cooperation to clients will have difficulty obtaining data, and using attorney client terminator letter is a surefire solution to that.

37. Create an Attorney Client Termination Letter for Your Client

Can a lawyer drop a client?

Indeed, it is complicated for a lawyer to sever ties with a client. This can be caused by difficulties that never find a way out, so lawyers are forced to “surrender” to clients. This is usually found in cases of clients who find it difficult to provide data, difficult to communicate, and other problems that never find a solution. Finally, the lawyer sent an attorney client termination letter to break the cooperation between the two.

How to write an attorney client terminator letter?

You can write in attorney client termination letter about a statement of the decision to cease cooperation between the two parties. Don’t forget to add important dates to add clarity to the contents of the letter. Using professional words is also an essential requirement to write this type of note and give polite and respectful comments to clients. Of course, the grateful sentence is also unforgettable considering you’ve walked a long way together.


The example below tells of how a lawyer terminates a cooperation agreement between the two parties, in which the client does not provide the required information.

Dear Mr. Brian L San

After careful, precise, and reliable considerations, I am as a representative of the Robert Johnson Lawyer Corp. Decided to terminate the attorney-client cooperation agreement to assist with ongoing legal matters. Indeed, this is not just a unilateral decision but comes from careful evaluation and consideration. We have concluded that the client is not open in providing the necessary information, does not provide essential data for reasons of privacy, poor communication, and other issues that impede the provision of legal assistance.

The required documentation is also not fully supported by the client, so civil material is tough to compile. In the previous week, I had communicated at length with a representative of the client, but there seemed to be no further evaluation of it.

Of course, this decision has reached the final stage and cannot be renegotiated. I am still working on your case until December 20, 2020, and you can still work with me professionally. If you have any important questions to answer immediately, you can call me at (000)-000-0000 or by email.


Best regards

Mrs. Sarah Atkins

Robert Johnson Lawyer Corp.


That’s some brief explanation on how to make attorney client termination letter along with examples. Use the model above for your needs and feel free to modify it!

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