A Rescind Resignation Letter to Try to Work Again

If there is a saying that the opportunity does not come twice, it is not always true. Yes, you may have thought carefully about the decision to resign from the company, and you are finally sorry about it. So, try to send a rescind resignation letter to try a golden opportunity to work again. Although it doesn’t always work, you can try it with strong expectations. Don’t be shy and feel free to send the letter with hope!

38. A Rescind Resignation Letter to Try to Work Again

Can you legally retract a resignation?

Withdrawing a statement of resignation from the company is legal in the eyes of the law and staffing eyes. But the legal word here still has a small chance of being accepted over the resignation proposal, such as:

  1. An unambiguous statement of resignation with powerful reasons
  2. Provide an effective date to stop working
  3. Company regulations are written on it.

If the resignation statement is not like the above point, you can send a rescind resignation letter to the company.

How to write a rescind resignation letter?

It does seem embarrassing when we file a rescind resignation letter. But believe me, nothing is impossible. At least you’ve tried to explain why you withdrew the resignation statement. You can write a letter detailing why you abandoned your intention to resign, what you expected, and use polite and neat language.

Best sample

In the example letter below, you can see an example of someone sending a letter to a manager at his old company.

Dear Mr. Adams

Good morning. Through this letter, I would like to express that I am rescinding my resignation statement as a financial staff at ASDF Company that I have sent since March 21, 2020. In my resignation statement, I wrote the reason for the resignation was to want to work abroad. However, over the past few days and seeing a lot of consideration, I have abandoned my great intention to work abroad. Of course, perhaps this statement will surprise you and the company. Yes, i am still frank and eager to work with your company.

I hope that the company can accept me again, even if it’s very embarrassing. But you can see the value of my performance in my work and the integrity that I have as consideration for me. Of course, I also have various awards in 5 consecutive months, which is my advantage.

I already consider the company to be part of my family, and I want to stay with your company. I would love to hear a response and answer to this letter through my phone number at (000)-000-0000 or via email.


Sincere Respect

Sarah Wayne


That’s some brief explanation on how to make a rescind resignation letter useful for trying a second chance. You can modify the example for your personal use.

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