Resignation Letter Due to Relocation

Life is a flow that is continually changing, and sometimes without predictions. One of them is where we have to move to a new location, so we have to submit our resignation. The best way that can be done professionally is through resignation letter due to relocation. Explain in detail and specifically to your supervisor about the resignation application so that it can be accepted.

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How Do I Write A Resignation For Moving?

The company accepts not every reason you have for submitting your resignation. Sometimes this reason is not included in the resignation letter. However, if you are resigning due to moving, you can describe and list it.

Resignation letter due to relocation begins with a letterhead on the top. Before explaining your intentions to resign, it is best to open a formal greeting to your boss. Begin the paragraph with your choices for withdrawing and a date for withdrawal. Include the reason for relocation.

In the resignation letter, don’t forget to include a number that can be contacted. It is just in case your boss or replacement wants to ask questions and discuss with you. Write thank you at the end of the letter as a friendly and polite goodbye.

Is Relocation A Good Reason For Leaving A Job?

Resigning from a job is a condition that requires careful preparation. It’s not about mental readiness but all the files and all the procedures that must be followed.

Relocation is an excuse that is more often used by workers where this reason has a high chance of being accepted by the company to find another job. However, this reason is not an excuse that is always passed and taken because some conditions and companies will be considered considering needs and other factors.

What Is The Best Reason For Resignation?

As already explained, not all reasons can be included and even accepted by management in a resignation letter. You have to make sure what things are allowed and what is not a strong reason to stop working.

Here are some reasons that are often used when stopping work, including:

  1. Get a new job
  2. Health / Disease History
  3. Unhealthy work environment
  4. Working hours and schedules are intolerant
  5. Continue to school
  6. Relocation
  7. Career Change

What Are A Good Reason to Relocate?

Most of the workers took a resignation letter due to relocation due to urgent conditions that left no other choice but to move. The reason is accepted because of several things, such as:

needing a house with more space where this is related to plans to start a family, of course, if the location is far from the company it will take inefficient time, get a new job, change views and lifestyles, even relationships wedding.

How Do You Find When Its Time To Relocate?

Look at the conditions around both objects, environment, needs and even relationships. If it is related to a house or room space, relocating will be taken if no room for anything is found.

In terms of relationships, relocate will apply if you find a new job, get married, have children and even get close to your parents. All the conditions associated with it can convince you to move.

Resignation letter due to the relocation can be accepted because the reasons used are urgent needs for most employees, and if not done, it will take extra time and effort.

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