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How to Make Absence Report to Take Note of Employees’ Attendance

Not all employees can manage to attend work every single day. There will be times when one can get sick too or couldn’t come to work due to serious reasons. It will be the job of their supervisor to take note of attendance, you know. For that, an absence report is needed. You’ll need to learn how to make it.

Sample absencefromdutyrequestorreport

The report is not just one containing a checklist about employees’ attendance. It will also contain their reasons for taking leave at the time. Let’s see how to make the report in this chance, so you can monitor attendance as their supervisor.


Step #1 in Making the Absence Report

First things first, what you have to write should be the details about the absent employees of course. There will be some things that must be there in the record. It can’t be called and regarded as such otherwise. So, do include the first name, middle initial, and last name to start the report with here.

Sample Annual Sickness Absence Report

Then, follow those report details with the employee’s job title. When it comes to this part of the document, one thing to make sure is to not misspell anything about the employee’s details. After all, this report is meant to validate his absence.


Step #2 in Making the Absence Report

The details about the employee are not the only thing that has to be there in the report. The next thing you will have to include would be the employee’s date of being absent. We need to be specific here since it is for record-keeping purposes. You cannot call it an absence document without the date, can you?

Sample Daily Attendance Verification Report

When it comes to the date, don’t just mention the date number alone though. The day, the month, and the year of the absence should be made clear too. Employees’ absent date shouldn’t be vague. You are not absent any day of the year after all.


Step #3 in Making the Absence Report

Absence is not just an absence. There are its types too. So, you need to determine which absence your employee chooses to take here. Yes, most employees would make unannounced absence for sudden and unexpected matters. However, absence types quite vary depending on the reasons for their leave.

Sample Employee Absence Form

Other than the unannounced absence, there is also sick leave. Depending on the illness, it can be unannounced or announced type. Another absence is vacation leave. It is mostly an announced case in absent employees within any company.


Step #4 in Making the Absence Report

Lastly, the reason must be there of course. Whether the employees are leaving in an unannounced or announced manner, they will eventually have to report the reason for doing so. That’s what you need to write in the report. No one would be leaving work for no reason. So, be sure to write it down in detail.    Sample Employee Absence Report Sample Faculty Absence Report Sample Leaves Absence Report Sample notificationofabsenceform Sample School Absence Report Sample Student Absence Report

Through this, an employee supervisor could determine whether or not disciplinary action would be needed. If it is still understandable though, the employee might just need to undergo a smaller consequence. The absence report is useful for that matter.

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