10+ Sample Acknowledgement Receipt Template

A receipt is a small sheet of paper issued by a business in a transaction. Sometimes, it is neglected and can legally be used when the need arises. So, acknowledgement receipt template is a document confirming that an issuer could receive the products requested / the service rendering was done.

Sample Bank Acknowledgement Templates

How to Write an Acknowledgement Receipt Template

It is very important to know how to make an acknowledgement receipt form. There are some rules that you have to know to make a good template. Here, you need to include some items. For the detailed items needed to be included, let’s see the following explanation.

Sample Blank Acknowledgement Templates

First of all, you need to write the company’s name or your name & indicate that it is an email of acknowledged receipt on the line of subject. If the receiver is you individually, it should be your name. If the receiver is your company, it should be your company’s name.

In writing the template, you have to be polite. So, before starting to write the opening, you need to create a polite greeting. For example, you can use Mr. for a man or Mrs. for a woman followed by the surname clearly. For example, simply writes Mr. Alex.

After that, you have to clearly state that you are acknowledging the items’ receipt you have requested. There may be some items so that you have to list them down. If the items are unknown, you can describe the items as clearly as possible. You should enumerate it below that statement.

Then, you need to explain that you are going to go through those items. Besides that, if ever problems are going to be encountered, so you will send another email to address the problems to the company. Describe it clearly so that the problems will be clear.

To end up the template of an acknowledgement receipt, you must provide a signature. Here, you should sign off clearly by writing your full name and also your job position in the company. Do not forget to include your company’s name at the bottom of the email.

Tips to Make an Acknowledgement Receipt Template

In creating an acknowledgement receipt, there are some tips you need to understand. You have to write it as soon as possible after receiving the items. It aims to confirm the seller that the delivery was successful.

Besides, you need to maintain formality in the template if it is a business document. Then, you also have to keep the personalized message direct & short. Here, you can state that you could receive the items simply. Then, list them down clearly.

Moreover, you also need to describe the items’ condition and whether you received the complete items you requested. You can also state that you will go through those items & you will send another letter for feedback.

Last, you cannot forget to sign off at the bottom and indicate the date of receipt. There are many kinds of acknowledgement receipt template. Some of the examples are such as delivery receipt, money deposit acknowledgement, cash receipt, checque acknowledgement, etc.


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