Administration Associate Resume Sample

Administration Associate Resume Sample job description works specifically in the administrative side, do recording data and updating, maintain the expenses and the budget of the company or office, clearly do wide range in the secretarial and clerical tasks for company and organization that still follows the guidelines and regulations.

Administration Associate Resume Sample

Billie Houston

1664 Rockfish Lane, Davenport, IA, 50003, Phone: +1 (319) 388-8229




Dallas, IA

05/2017 – present

  • Assist the company and office correspondence openly
  • Can solve the problem and decide significant decision for company’s projects and resolve the trouble that happen to correspondence
  • Arrange the call and answer the calls from clients
  • Arrange the team’s schedule and manage to maintain the work to run smoothly
  • Do the company’s errand and manage it is done perfectly and completely
  • Manage the office supply store and ensure the stock in the office
  • Preparing the documentation with correspondence, clients, or partners including managing the reports, drafts, and emails
  • Arrange the schedules and coordinate the meeting with partners, clients, and office departments



Marshall, IA

09/2013 – 03/2017

  • Can coordinate and build clear communication with related departments
  • Capable to maintain the records of the office documentations
  • Maintain the records of the staff office instruments such as phones, room space, and office keys
  • Know how to take care and maintain the company credit cards
  • Do general administrative instruments in the office
  • Understand about mailing, faxing, copying and scanning perfectly
  • Know how to operate the electronic office instruments and do the hard copy of the filling system
  • Work the office administration such as entry the data and scan the documents
  • Works with Managing Director to arrange the schedules and work calendar



Newark, DE

10/2008 – 07/2013

  • Managing the data, documents, and information in the office
  • Do the distributing and assist the manager duty office
  • Do the daily basis tasks such as answering phones and give replays, taking memos and notes, as well as do the files maintaining
  • Have responsibility to take care of the correspondence and clients
  • Run the tasks to send and receive the answer, call, or further information from correspondence
  • Have great communication skills that help to build communication with clients comfortably
  • Can perform the clerical duties and run it in general
  • Understand about office tools and know how to operate office technology such as photocopying, sending mail and faxing, and do distribution and filling




Bachelor’s Degree in Business & Management



  • Have deep understanding and skillful in the technology subjects
  • Can adapt to the latest technology movement
  • Have great communication skill in both verbal and written
  • Involve in various organizations and can build good teamwork in team
  • Have great social ability and can build great relations with partners and teams
  • Have great managements and ability to create strategic planning
  • Works with detail-oriented and dedication
  • Have ability to handle various complex tasks and have great organizational skills
  • Work with passion and capable to work under pressure
  • Can adapt into new environment
  • Can build great communication with customers and can gains satisfying interaction

Administration Associate Resume Sample

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