Administrative Receptionist Resume Sample

Administrative receptionist resume sample is a good reference for those who want to make a new resume in order to join with the new company. As we know, a resume is an important document as the first consideration of the recruiter to apply or to deny the asking of candidate. In other hand, a resume is also able to be used as the way to introduce the personal information of a candidate. By this matter, the recruiter will know who the candidate is. Then, through a resume, a candidate is also able to show their detail experiences, skills and achievements. Those three matters will be the well things to show that a candidate can be the potential to be recruited in the new position of employee. Here, we will talk about the sample of resume. By seeing the sample, making a resume will be easier to do.

Sample of Administrative Receptionist Resume

Manuel John

7160 Harp Flats, Dallas, TX. Phone: +1 (555) 776 8891


Administrative Coordinator or Receptionist

New York, NY

05/2015 – present

  • Assisting with the work order processing
  • Dispatching the work order in order to build the engineers
  • Managing the shredding contractor and recording the management
  • Providing the general support to the visitors
  • Managing the internal safety program and the system of security
  • Assisting with the administration of the service contacts
  • Maintaining all common areas in order to ensure the professional working environment
  • Professionally interacting with the all internal and external personnel and the executive management

Receptionist and Administrative Clerk

Phoenix, AZ

  • Performing the other working related with the duties as it is directed by the supervisors
  • Frequently considers the best ways to do and the best things to perform in order to improve the process of working and the performance of the company
  • Performing other kinds of clerical receptionist duties such as the filling, photo copying, collating, faxing and others
  • Assisting with the duties of clerical as it is requested
  • Performing the entry data of the computer system of all titles
  • Embracing the changes affecting the specific area
  • Answering the incoming phone calls

Administrative Receptionist

New York, NY

09/2007 – 05/2010

  • Promoting a caring work environment
  • Participating in the initiative improvement of the departmental performance
  • Coordinating with the barter and the network affiliation to schedule the flights, enter copy and the complete affidavits
  • Answering the calling, screen calling, taking the accurate messages and providing the information to the callers
  • Assisting the agents with the question concerning the system of proprietary
  • Providing the general admin duties, such as typing, filling, copying and others
  • Scheduling the meeting and leading the handling of meeting logistics


University of Arizona

Bachelor’s Degree



  • Ability to multi-task
  • Ability to acquire the additional skills using the university training
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Ability to follow the total instruction of the supervisors and the assignment
  • Excellent phone demeanor
  • Proficient in the kinds of Microsoft Office
  • Able to work in team and independent
  • Polished and professional demeanor
  • Able to work under pressure and with the limited deadline
  • Good communication skills both in verbal and writing


Administrative Receptionist Resume Sample

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