Advocacy Letter Format and Its Sample

When you have some public issues in your surrounding that matter to you, or kind of disturb your mind, probably you want to utter it to the government who have the right in handling it. There are some kinds of issues that happen in society, such as breastfeeding in public, the education system, bullying, and so on.

Artikel 79. Advocacy Letter Format and Its Sample

What is The Advocacy Letter?

An advocacy letter is a written document that intends to notify the government officials or people who have the authority about the current issues that happened in the society to find the solution to fix it. If there are current issues in society that bother your mind so that you need to utter it to the official government to get the solution to fix it.

What Should be Included in The Advocacy Letter?

There some points that you should pay attention to in writing a proper advocacy letter, such as:

  • To whom the letter is sent, and it intends to be read by whom. Make sure that the institutions which you send the letter are the one who is In charge to handle the case that you convey
  • Open the letter with a polite salutation
  • Write the letter formally and politely, use a good choice of words so it can be easily understood by the reader
  • State the issues or problems that you write in the letter clearly, so the government or the reader who has the authority to handle the case can find and give the best solution
  • Write the letter briefly or concisely, do not write it too long. Just state the main point or issues that you want it to be immediately solved, so it will not take so much time to read

The Sample of Advocacy Letter

If you need an idea to write an advocacy letter properly, you can see this example that hopefully can be your guidance in writing the advocacy letter.

This is the sample

Dear Principal of Bristol High School: Mr. Davis

In this letter, I intend to report the bully that happened to my 16 years old daughter, Kimberly Blossom. She attends Bristol High School and currently is in the second grade. She has numerously been bullied, specifically physically and mentally being a bully victim by her classmate, whose name is Britney Kyle, 16 years old, whose behavior has created uncomfortable school circumstances for my daughter.

On September 12, 2019, my daughter, Kimberly Blossom had several injures in her body. It happened because of the physical abuse conducts by Britney Kyle, she always slapped and punch my daughter. Besides that physical thing, Britney also did intimidation such as threaten my daughter to do something for her, for example, forced Kimberly to do assignments for her, and forced her to give the exam answer. If my daughter did not do it to her, she would punch her face. The school principal has to handle that case immediately because it affects my daughter’s mental health too. Because of that tragedy, now she does not attend school anymore and does not want to socialize with anyone else, she does not even want to go out of the home.

With the facts and evidence, I listed above and enclosed for your convenience, I hope the school principal investigate it immediately and discreetly, and not put my daughter in further danger. If there is some progress regarding the investigation, please let me know as soon as possible through my phone number at 787-8989-3333. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation regarding the bullying that unfortunately, happened to my daughter.



Lily Blossom

That is all about the advocacy letter and its sample. Hopefully, it can help you in composing or drafting your letter that can be easily understood by the reader who will handle your case. In writing this letter, it is important to state your issue or problem clearly.




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