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On many occasions, simple verbal agreements are not enough to meet the needs of business entities and corporations in terms of agreements or cooperation contracts. Therefore, the parties concerned chose to make an agreement.
An agreement, also called a letter of agreement, is a document that lists all agreements and terms of agreement of the parties involved in business relations. There are many kinds of agreements. This sometimes makes it difficult for a business entity to choose the type of agreement they will include in the letter. For this reason, we help you by providing agreement templates. We have collections of various letters of agreements for many types of businesses. With agreement templates, you can easily and quickly make your letters of agreements so that your staff can be more focused on other aspects of your business such as business transactions. Read a brief description of each type of agreement that we post in this category so you can choose the best template for your current needs.

This is why and the benefits of using a letter of agreement as one of your business offers:
A business agreement letter defines the conditions that must be obeyed by two or more parties involved in a business. Thus, each party knows for sure their legal responsibilities and rights and prevents confusion in the future because each party can look back at the points in the agreement letter if needed.

Here are the three elements of a business agreement:
1.) Parties involved in the agreement
2.) Considerations of the important points of the agreement
3.) Terms and conditions which consist of clauses that are legally binding for the parties involved in the agreement

Here’s how to write an agreement between two parties, namely:
1.) Identify the two parties involved in the agreement.
2.) Write the official names and contact information of both parties. Also define the role of each party (first party and second party).
3.) Determine the definition of the terms that will be used.
4.) Write the date when the agreement will take effect.
5.) Write specifically the responsibilities of each party.
6.) Add a description of additional fees and conditions. Write down what to do if there are expectations of a delay.
7.) Add considerations such as insurance, intellectual property, etc.
8.) Explain the breach of contract for each party and their exceptions.
9.) Write a solution for the case of breach of contract including which law applies and how to resolve the dispute.
10.) Hire a lawyer to check the agreement you made.
11.) Ask all parties to sign the agreement so that the agreement is valid. Some countries may require a notary as a witness to sign a contract.
12.) Get a copy of the agreement through the original contract record or file.

There are several popular types of agreements including tenancy agreements, payment agreements, rental agreements, business confidentiality agreements, mutual confidentiality agreements, client confidentiality agreements, purchase agreements, stock sale agreements, stock subscription agreements, partnership agreements, operating agreements, service agreements, patent licenses agreement, employment agreement, construction loan agreement, lease agreement, marital dissolution agreement, and product development agreement. Get all templates about free agreement letters at

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