Apology for Plagiarism and the Letter Sample

Writing an essay or paper assignment must have been a tiring experience when you were or are at college. To make an academic year go smoothly, we always seek an easy path to undergo such a task. Unfortunately, if you decide to take someone else’s work and put your name on it, that is a cowardly act. Should you continue to submit it, you will be labeled guilty and you should apologize for that by writing your apology for plagiarism letter.

166.Apology for Plagiarism

What is an Apology for Plagiarism Letter?

An apology for plagiarism letter is a letter to express your apology for a mistake that you have done which is taking someone else’s work. Cheating is not tolerable no matter what the excuses are. Depending on the harshness of it, you will either be in detention, in jail, or get a zero score on your assignments. Best you avoid such misconduct to not have a bad image to everyone.

How should We Avoid Plagiarism?

The idea of writing your own idea must stay intact in your assignments and not through plagiarism. This is the only way to avoid an apology for plagiarism letter. To make it happen, you can paraphrase or even quote the sources needed for your research. Furthermore, you can utilize a plagiarism checker to detect any elements that are identical to other’s work.

Procedures in Writing a Vigorous Apology for Plagiarism Letter

as this is for a formal situation, you need to keep it neat and short as precise as possible. It is worth noted that you must deliver the content on point. You can see the below list of tips to help you start writing the apology for plagiarism letter.

  • Apologize for the mistake you made
  • Describe how it happened without blaming others or being seen as defensive
  • Assure that you will fix it

The Sample of an Apology for Plagiarism Letter

If you are dazed by the thoughts of being punished by the authorities responsible for your misbehaviour in plagiarizing others’ work, try to put your mind at ease by looking at the sample of the letter below so you can write it with a healthy mind.

Dear Mr. Nathan


I would like to apologize for my misconduct in plagiarizing others’ work in my last essay analysis for psycholinguistic class. If I had the chance to go back in time, I would have never copied paste my friends’ essays completely. However, I know that it is wrong to do so and I am making amends to make up for it by doing my detention for 2 weeks.

It was wrong and foolishness of me to do such a crime in my academic year. I was afraid that I could not get a promising score for this class and that I was out of ideas and slacking off to research for ideas. Now, I know that I should have done it with my own capability and avoid any misbehaving act.

I am truly sorry for the inconvenience that my action may pose to the institution. Thank you for not punishing me even further than it already is. I hope through this experience, I will improve my academic skills.

Thank you for your time and Consideration

Best Regards,


Mr. Sander


That is all the information necessary for the continuation of you writing the apology letter.

As for an apology for plagiarism letter, be ready to make use of it as it helps support you to express your guilt and assurance to make it right.

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