Art Director Resume Sample

Art director resume sample can be a good reference for those who want to join with a new company in getting the art director position. A resume can be the well document for the first consideration whether the offers will be accepted or not. By using a resume, a candidate is able to show their personal identity. In other hand, the resume is also able to show the details of the skills, achievements and experiences of the candidate. By those matters, of course a candidate can claim their-self as potential one. In this occasion, we will show you a sample of the resume. By seeing the sample of it, making a resume will be easier to do and you will know what to include inside it.

Sample of Art Director Resume

Davion Jeremy

89917 Margret Lakes, Chicago, IL. Phone: +1 (555) 871 7718


Art Director

San Francisco, CA

04/2014 – present

  • Designing the book cover internally and hires, art direct and others
  • Managing the outside contract designers in order to execute the creation of covers
  • Providing the print ready files in order to be sent to the department of production
  • Approving all stages of the production
  • Managing the process of packaging using the monthly meeting of group with the editorial and production staff
  • Serving as primary points of contact for all communication relative to the development of the assigned covers
  • Communicating the effective with the outside designers, authors, agents and staff of publishing
  • Leading editors, researchers, illustrators, authors, photographers, packages, design studios, and cartographers in or der to maintain and develop the concept of design, content and approach of visual
  • Staying abreast of trends and new technique
  • Working on the project from the concept through the installation
  • Working on-site with the design of studio team
  • Working with the visualizers
  • Managing the creative process of assigned projects in order to keep them on the budget and time

Art Director

Chicago, IL

04/2008 – 10/2013

  • Balancing the development strategic with the objective of client business
  • Sharing working with the superiors on the assigned projects
  • Managing the brand
  • Working on the concept for the fashion shows, events, retails, internal and external conferences
  • Working with the art and UI management in order to provide the high quality guidance and direction for the internal development team
  • Directing the staff of concept artists, 3D artists, UI designers and the animators in order to create and to implement assets
  • Managing the talents
  • Directing the design of component


Syracuse University

Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design


  • Great in crowd, such as the high skills in presentation, great personality and ability to think quickly
  • Highly organized and dependable
  • Ability to working multi-task
  • Working quickly and meeting with the kinds and multiple deadline
  • Able to collaborate and leverage the knowledge of others
  • Shows the ability to work well with the others
  • Excellent eye for the graphical quality and knowledge of the technique used to achieve the special targets of visual
  • Possessing a strong business ethic
  • Be reliable and dependable
  • Strong abilities in conceptual
  • Solid art direction skill and knowledge about the digital landscape
  • Ability to juggle the assignment and maintain the organization
  • Detail oriented when working


Art Director Resume Sample

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