Assistant Manager Resume Sample

Assistant manager resume sample job description is to assist the manager in the company in various activities. They include organizing strategy, making plan for it, and putting it into action. Other than that, the assistant has to be able to coordinate the operations of retail store and make sure that the employees meet schedules and objectives. These will be their responsibilities once qualified as one.

Assistant Manager Resume Sample

Angelica Romanoque

45098 O’Hara Radial, New York, NY, Phone: +1 (555) 340 0928


                                                San Francisco, CA

                                                11/2015 – present

  • Provide support and assistance in managing the work by utilizing the staff as efficient as possible
  • Work independently managing and developing strong pipeline of ideas for the purpose of improvement
  • Evaluate the work of the associate by monitoring the staff’s performance and providing feedback
  • Take care of the direct reports’ administration, like leave management or workforce one in daily basis
  • Make opportunities for the staff to develop themselves more as individual and as team with other members
  • Give guidance in making direct reports regarding the conduct process of improvement workshops


Chicago, IL

03/2012 – 07/2015

  • Keep the work areas all neat, clean, and properly organized to work in to offer comfortable and conducive environment
  • Provide assistance in developing the bar menus and ensuring the serving follows prescribed rules
  • Monitor the employees’ performance every day and administer it once or twice a year in written form
  • Deal with any problems and disputes of the employees and develop them in all areas for better performance
  • Collaborate with strong relations within related departments, including food and beverage, catering, and the kind
  • Support the manager to hold any necessary meetings, be it in daily or monthly basis


Philadelphia, PA

07/2009 – 01/2012

  • Provide assistance in recruiting top performing employees from sorting out the applicants to training them all
  • Offer support for risk management consultation as well as risk management education and training
  • Improve the staff’s performance by coaching, giving feedback, and assessing what they have done
  • Collaborate with the event managers for the purpose of managing the 34+ staff onsite
  • Execute responsibilities of certain performance development framework for the needs of managed staff
  • Provide all necessary information as well as ad-hoc assignment to the senior managers to ensure the accuracy of the reports


                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Business and Management


  • Excellent capability in operating computer and proficiency in using Microsoft Excel for the need of recording data
  • Understanding in basic capabilities that are necessary to be known about performance management tools
  • Good execution skills that include quickly make strategic decisions, prioritize things, think analytically, and give attention to details
  • Willingness to keep learning and ability to think with highly analytical as well as good conceptual skills
  • Fine communication skills to communicate with other workers and clients, and present complex ideas to management of all levels


Assistant Manager Resume Sample 1

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