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Not all states provide a form of bill of sale. In fact, you need it. For example is for buying and selling a car. If you need it, you can write an auto bill of sale easily. You may have never made it before. Therefore, in this article we will give you the guidelines to follow.

Sample Alberta Equipment Bill of Sale Templates


How to Write an Auto Bill of Sale

Even though your state does not offer a downloadable form of vehicle bill of sale, you can still find a free template on internet. However, it is better if you know how to write it by your own. In fact, there are some rules that you have to know and follow.

Sample Carscom Vehivle Bill of Sale of Car Templates

A good bill of sale template should include some important items or information. To create this, you can begin with the date. It is the selling date. So, you have to state clearly about the date when the vehicle is sold. For example, you can simply write August 1st 2019 for the date of sale.

After stating the selling date, you need to provide the description of the vehicle. The description must be as clear and detailed as possible. You can start with the year of the car. Then, you can include the made of car. You also cannot forget including the model of the car.

Still related to the vehicle description, it is important to provide the car identification number. Not only that, you also need to include the current mileage of the car. One more, license plate number must also be included in the car description in the template.

Next, a car bill of sale requires you to be clear to state the car selling price. Maybe, the car is only a gift. But you still need to make a bill of sale. Here, you must indicate that the vehicle is a gift and then state about the reduced price especially if money changed hands happened.

The next information you need to provide is about warranty. Private party sales are mostly assumed to be “as is”. It means that there is no warranty. However, if you have different agreements, you should put it in the template of bill of sale you make.

Last, the template should be closed with signature. In providing the signature, you have to include the buyer & seller’s full names. Besides that, the addresses of both parties should also be mentioned. Then, let both buyer and seller to sign off the template.

Once you completely make the bill of sale, it is important to ask a 3rd party to prove the template. If an error is found, you have to revise it as soon as possible. Then, review it once again. If everything is right and clear, now you can print it out.

Auto bill of sale should be copied and let both seller & buyer have it. Keep in mind that the signature should be original and hand-written. Hopefully this will be a useful reference and you can follow to make your own.


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