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The aim of bill of sale is more than what we know about this. To deal with everyday life, it takes parts in most aspects. This is easy for use to understand about the transaction we opted. In this article, we have the guidelines in writing an automobile bill of sale.

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Tips to Make an Automobile Bill of Sale

Creating an automobile bill of sale template is not easy. There are some important and useful tips to consider. First of all, you have to make a title. For example, you can simply write Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale. The title should be at the top. It is better if the logo of the company is also provided.

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After that, you can create the beginning statements. For example, you can say “In consideration of the sum of ….. Dollars, we hereby sell & deliver to ….. who lives on ….” Then, you should describe the vehicle related to the year, make, style of body, model and VIN.

Next, you need to affirm that you state the right information. For example, you can write “We swear & affirm that the information mention above is true & correct.” You can also make your own statements that describe the same meaning.

Then, an automobile bill of sale form should also be clear about detailed information related to the seller and buyer. You can begin with the purchased date first. Even more, you also have to be specific by providing the specific time of sale.

For the information about the seller, you have to mention his or her clear full name. Then, you can also add other important information such as the seller’s address and phone number. The last is to let the seller to sign it off. The signature should be hand-written.

You also need to provide the same information about the buyer. You can start with the buyer’s full name, followed with address and phone number. Last, let him or her to sign off the template. The name should be printed but the signature must be hand-written.

Sometimes it is needed to make the bill of sale more formal. In this case, you can consider a bill of sale with notary. This also makes the document more legal in law. If you consider making a bill of sale with notary, you should let the notary public to sign off the document, too.

The more complete information you provide, the better it will be. Related to the vehicle, it is a good idea to be more detailed by including the vehicle’s color, type of fuel, and detailed condition. For other information, you can consider providing the tax, day of transaction, etc.

That is all what you need to know about automobile bill of sale. Now, you should not be confused if you are required to create this document or template. By following the tips above, now you can practice to make an auto bill of sale. Hopefully this will be a useful reference.


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