Award Announcement Letter and The Sample

One of the factors of the success of the company is, of course, caused by the work or contribution of the employee. The employee that has created success for the company should be given an award as an appreciation of their great contribution.

Artikel 178. Award Announcement Letter and The Sample

What is The Award Announcement Letter?

An award announcement letter is a letter that is containing recognition or appreciation of the great work of someone, for example, employees who work for the company. This letter is very important to appreciate someone’s work so they are motivated to always do it well or probably do it better next time.

What should be included in the Award Announcement Letter?

The things that should be written in the award announcement letter are:

  • The name of the recipient
  • The reason why they get an announcement letter or their contribution that is being recognized
  • The sign of the manager or CEO of the company

The Function of An Award Announcement Letter

As an employer, if you think that the award announcement letter for your employee is not necessary, so think about that again because giving an award or appreciation to other people always a good thing for both parties. Moreover, it makes the recipient feels honored and appreciated for what they did to others, in this case, the company. So here there is some reason why you should give an award announcement letter:

  • The appreciation or recognition of the employee’s success and hard work make them feel honored and appreciated, so they feel motivated to always do well or probably do it better in their work.
  • If someone’s work is being appreciated, they will feel motivated, and then their productivity will rise and it can also raise the profit of the company
  • If the employee who does not get the award is seeing another one who gets the award, it can motivate them to do the best, and it can make them compete positively to be better for their growth and the company’s growth

The Sample of Award Announcement Letter

If you want to write an announcement letter but still do not know the structure or anything that should be included in the letter, here it is, we give an example that can be an idea for you.

This is the sample

Dear Margaret,

Congratulation on receiving the Annual Award for the Best Sales of the Year. As you know, this is an award that is provided by this company to the team member who contributes the most to the success of the company during the year.

Several nominations said that you are successful in selling new products, and you sold the amount of the product more than the target or goal that has been set up by the company. You are also successful in an expansion to into new market.

Additionally, the team member said that you never limit yourself to do anything include helping other employees with their project. You are also persevering, a hard worker, cheerful, and also have a positive mindset even when the team struggled with the target that should be accomplished.

All in all, I am so pleased to inform you that you have been selected as the best sales of the year because you received the majority of the nominations from your co-workers in the sales field. You receive a $200 gift and a certificate as the award recipient. You will receive the award at the December Company Meeting, so the rest of the staff has the opportunity to congratulate and recognize your hard work and consistent effort that will also motivate them to be better.

Once again, congratulation, you deserve it! We are so proud of you and lucky to have you as a part of our company. It is a positive contribution that deserves appreciation and recognition. If you have further questions related to this announcement, please let me know.


Warm Regard,


Jonas Barry

Founder and CEO

Brown Company


That is all about the award announcement letter from the company to the employee. Hopefully, it can help you to input important things that should be written in the letter and can be a reference for you.


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