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Boarding Pass is a term used on commercial airlines. This term refers to the boarding access document provided by the airline to the passenger. Passengers will only get a boarding pass if they have confirmed the departure alias check in. If you check this online, you can print your boarding pass independently. This convenience makes you no longer need to queue for a long time at the airport counter.

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Boarding pass access documents are used to enter passenger and airplane gates. If you do not carry your boarding pass, you will not be allowed to enter the passenger gate. For security purposes, airport authorities use boarding passes to monitor the whereabouts of every person using flight services. It will be easier for the staff to help you when you have trouble finding access to the plane using your boarding pass. This official written document also contains a number of important information regarding departures. For this reason, the boarding pass is a very important document.

Boarding Pass psd templates

Important information on a boarding pass is as follows:

  • the name of the prospective passenger
  • flight number
  • in-flight class
  • boarding time
  • hours of departure
  • gate number
  • passenger seat number
  • hometown of flight
  • flight destination city
  • special requests, if any
  • boarding pass number
  • bad code
  • airline name
  • airline logo
  • message for prospective passengers

Unlike the case with tickets, the boarding pass contains the information needed to enter the plane. While tickets contain information about payment, airlines, hours of departure, hours of arrival, airports of origin, and destination airports. Once you hold your boarding pass, you no longer need a ticket to access the airplane.

You must comply with the boarding times to board the aircraft. This is because airplane take-off times are very tight. You must present an official identity card when asked to show your boarding pass for domestic flights. Meanwhile, for overseas flights, you must show your passport every time the officer asks you to show your boarding pass.

Boarding Pass psd

Here are the benefits of checking online and printing your boarding pass independently:

  • No need to queue to check in
  • Faster through security checkpoints and security access
  • Can choose the seat as you wish
  • Save waiting time while at the airport

Boarding Pass templates psd

It turns out that boarding passes are not only used to access planes for travel, but also as a means of entering an event. You may be given a custom invitation boarding pass event. Some of the events that can use a boarding pass as a means of entry are birthdays, wedding receptions, bachelor or bachelorette parties, and baby showers. If you are interested in creating a boarding pass for these events, you can download the following templates:

  • Free Printable Event Boarding Pass Templates
  • Free Boarding Pass Templates Vector Images
  • Free Boarding Pass PNG Templates
  • Free Birthday Boarding Pass Templates
  • Free Wedding Invitation Boarding Pass Templates
  • Free Bachelor Party Boarding Pass Templates
  • Free Bachelorette Party Boarding Pass Templates
  • Free Baby Shower Boarding Pass Templates
  • And Many More!

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