5+ Booth Rental Agreement Sample Template

Step by Step in Writing a Booth Rental Agreement

Booth rental agreement can be defined as a legal contract that involves 2 parties. They are an owner as well as a leasing party. This is usually needed in various kinds of business. It is very important to learn about how to make it. Now, let’s see the following guidelines.

Sample Event Booth Rental Agreement


Tips in Making a Booth Rental Agreement

If you want to create a booth rent agreement, the first thing that you must do is to find the proper template. You can download it easily on internet. However, you can also make it by your own manually using Ms. Word or other programs.

After that, you can begin writing the agreement. The first paragraph contains the names of both parties. They are the lessee and the lessor. Besides the names of both parties, you also have to describe the property rented in this first paragraph. Don’t forget to include the contact information for both of them.

Then, what you have to do is to describe the booth rented. In this section, you will need to booth’s square footage and also the rest of the building & its equipment. For example, the lessee is going to lease a salon and hair station area plus reception areas, break rooms, etc.

Now, you need to write the terms of agreement. This section requires you to describe whether the rental agreement belongs to yearly, monthly, or weekly contract. Besides that, you also have to describe the deposit & payment terms. It also includes agreement start date, grace periods, etc.

Next, you should also describe the lessor’s responsibilities. For example, it relates to providing reception services, keeping the equipment for working order, maintaining the building, etc. Basically, what you provide must be included here, too. So, there is nothing missed to be included.

Writing a booth rental agreement template also requires you to designate the lessee as an independent contractor. It is very important because you cannot be considered an employee & leaves you with legal responsibilities without this clause. You also must state that you are responsible for such things as your own insurance & taxes.

What to do next is to address the rights of the sub-leasing. You have to mention whether the lessee is allowed to sub-lease the space to other parties or not. If it is allowed, you have to explain the detailed conditions about this allowance in doing so.

Then, you still have to provide the description of the responsibilities of the lessee. Here, you have to provide the clause which states that the lessee must upkeep the premises & keep the areas used clean & neat. Besides, you also have to state that the lessee has a responsibility for any damage.

Sample Exhibitor Booth Rental Agreement Sample Photo Booth Rental Agreement Sample Shutterhut Photo Booth Rental Agreement Sample Vendor Booth Rent Contract

Last, writing a booth rental agreement requires you to add other terms & conditions if any. If there is no any additional term & condition, you can skip it and end up the agreement with signatures of both parties. Do not forget to provide the names of each party under the signature.

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