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Free Printable Brand Audit Report Templates Samples

An audit is an inspection or examination of the company or entity’s accounts to determine whether they follow the required standards & processes of the industry where they belong. One of the types of the audit is a brand audit. In this article, we provide a collection of brand audit report templates samples.

Sample Brand Audit Needs Assessment Report

Why Do You Need to Conduct a Brand Audit

A brand audit report is needed for various reasons. One of them is to ensure that your brand can still empower many customers & employers. Besides that, it also helps you to find the strengths & weaknesses of your brand and furthermore helps you know your position in the market.

Sample Brand Audit Report Format

The main reason may be because a company wants to create some changes in the business organization. Then, rebranding also belongs to the reasons why you need a brand audit report document. Another reason is to determine where your brand stands in the relevant industry.

How to Conduct a Brand Audit

If you want to conduct a brand audit, firstly you must be familiar with a brand audit report template. Then, you should make a framework or summary. You can start with your goals, then continued with a list of relevant info such as your target market, your plan, the main competitors, etc.

After that, you have to gather the needed data for a brand audit. The best way is by asking your clients or customers about your products or brand. Next, you should review your website analytics. It aims to determine the efficiency of your online ads.

Sample Brand Audit Report Sample

You also need to review social data. It aims to understand your audiences. You can change the messages based on your audiences. Next, part of the data you need to examine & gather is your own sales data. With this data, you can pint out issues & identify chances you can exploit.

To understand your place or position in the market better, you have to look at your competitors. In this case, you will need a competitor analysis tool. Lastly, conducting a brand audit report form requires you to monitor the result of a brand audit.

The Elements of a Brand Audit Report

A good brand audit report sample should contain the following elements. The first is brand communication. It refers to how you advertised your brand and how effective it is. The second is brand positioning. Here, you have to decide where you stand in the market.

The third is a brand strategy. It refers to how your brand ensures that your business will earn profit continuously. The next is a customer’s analysis. It helps you get the trust of your customers. The last element is the customer journey. You must learn how your customers come to know & buy your products.   Sample Brand Audit Sample Template Sample Fitbit Brand Audit Report Sample GoPro Brand Audit Report Sample Intial Brand Audit Report Sample LOreal Brand Audit Report Sample Volkswagen Brand Audit Report

After understanding the discussion above, you have to be able to create your own report. If you need brand audit report templates samples, you can find them in this article. You can download them for free and use your desired template.

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