10+ Briefing Note Sample Templates

Tutorial in Writing the Proper Briefing Note Templates

Briefing note can be defined as a tool to make decision makers informed related to issues they are responsible for. You can also define it as a short paper that informs about an issue to a decision maker fast & effectively. Here, we have many briefing note templates that can be your references.

Board Briefing


How to Make a Briefing Note Template

An effective briefing note paper must be short, clear, readable and also reliable. It breaks down complex info into a short document. Anyway, you need to know the following step by step in detail if you want to write a briefing note by your own properly.

First of all, you have to perceive the needs. In this step, you need to consider the needs for briefing as well as the relevance to the audience. By knowing perceive needs, you will be able to prepare it all and the start writing the briefing note well.

Besides that, you have to give a reference frame to yourself. It entails the strategic perspective, barriers, authority, audience, objective & timelines. These will help you keep focused on your own work. Besides that, these will also avoid you spend time on unneeded issues.

Then, you are also required to research & choose the content. It must be really elaborate for decision makers to be able to get real situation or to get the importance of matter in no matter how complex this is. Therefore, do it carefully so that you can make a briefing note template in an organized manner.

There are many types of briefing. In this case, you have to choose the type of briefing. Here, we recommend you to choose the medium one. It is always better to choose medium one whether it is oral, written or even both.

Now, it is time to prepare the briefing. Preparing the briefing belongs to the most important steps. Make sure that everything is prepared well until your briefing note is ready. Once it is ready completely, you can directly deliver or send the briefing. Make sure that it is received by the right recipient.

There are 2 important parts that you have to pay attention. They are audience and response. Starts from the audience, in this case one must be very strategic. It depends on the target audience. On the other hand, response means that you get feedback from the audience.

There are so many samples of briefing note. In fact, it is often used for different cases. For example, you want to make a data protection & research briefing note, contractor briefing note, briefing note for collaboration, briefing note for public health, and there are still many free samples you can find.


Business Note Event Note Example of Briefing Note Legal Briefing Policy Briefing Project Briefing

Talking about the format of briefing note templates, it must contain 3 main parts. The first is purpose. The second is summary of facts that include background, current status, key considerations, and options. The last is conclusion or closing. So, make sure that your briefing note includes them all.

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