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How to Write a Bug Report Template with Free Samples

A bug report template is a document made to report that there are bugs. In this case, software testers have the main job to find & test the bugs. If you want to create this kind of report, you will need to pay attention to the following discussion below.

Sample Bug Report Form Sample

The Elements of a Bug Report

There are 3 basic elements in a bug report form. First, it must have a specific unique number that is assigned to it. Having this specific number for each bug will make it easier to track the bugs. This number can be called the bug’s ID.

Sample Bug Report Form Template

Second, a bug should be reproducible. Reproducing a bug aims to ensure that it is from a system error & not only unique to a person. It also proves that the bug exists and it is not only a random report. That is why this element is very important for your bug report document.

Another element is a detailed description. You have to describe the bugs properly to avoid wasting time. You do not need to write a long description. A short and clear description is enough to help the developer visualize the issue.

What to Prepare Before You Write a Bug Report

Before writing a bug report, you have to isolate the bug first. It means that you need to try reproducing the bug. To identify the problem correctly, you should retrace every step you have done & always be specific. Here, being explicit can be considered key.

Sample Bug Report Template

Besides that, it is also very important to check the version of the program you use. The bug may have been fixed in the latest version if you use the older one. In this case, you should replicate the bug on the newest version and then see whether it still exists.

Then, you should also check whether the bug is known. That is why you need to make a specific number for each bug. Here, you must avoid adding a burden to the testing circle. What you need to do is to check whether the bug has been identified.

What to Include in a Bug Report

A bug report document must contain a bug description. Besides that, you should also include the steps to replace them. Then, you are also required to include expectations. In addition, it is very important to add a screenshot because it will be very helpful to highlight the bugs.

Sample Defect Report Template

Basically, a bug report format must include the following details. They include reporter, product, version, platform, operating system, priority, severity, status, assigned to, URL, summary,& description. There are a few kinds of severity including critical, major, minor, and trivial severities.

How to Use Free Bug Report Templates

In this article, we provide free samples of the bug report template. You can pick your preferred template. If needed, you are also allowed to edit it to fit your needs. Finally, you can print it out and submit the document. Sometimes, a bug report is submitted digitally via email.    Sample Excel Bug Report Template Sample Mobile Bug Project Report Sample Printable Bug Report Sample Sample Bug Report Sample Standard Bug Report Template Sample Support and Request Template

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