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A building report template is very important to document the number of employees or workers, the time building work started/ended, the tools used, and overall progress on a daily basis. This can also be called a construction report. If you want to write this kind of report, let’s see the following samples.

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What to Include in a Building Report

A construction report template should contain the following important information. First of all, you have to include the date. It is the dates when the work started and ended. Besides that, you should also include the weather conditions, the wind speed, the outside temperature, etc.

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Even though you have stated the weather conditions, you still need to include the physical conditions of the building site. In addition, you have also to keep in mind to write the resources on that certain day. For example, the resources include the site visitors, equipment available, construction staff, etc.

Still related to a building report form, this document should also contain the work done as well as the material delivered & received on the site of the building. Make sure that you do not skip any information mentioned above.

Why Do You Need a Building Report?

A building report belongs to the most important documents needed in a construction site. This report can determine the success of a project. Besides that, it is also very important for legal purposes. With the help of this report, you can track & monitor the status of a project on a daily basis, too.


This document aims to ensure that all areas do their tasks & responsibilities. In addition, this kind of report may also function as a warning for various safety risks & problems in a building site. Considering the importance of this report, you have to be able to write it.

Types of Building Reports

A building report document is divided into different types. The first is a financial statement. It is an important document to help you know the health of a company and to ensure that a company is still able to sustain a certain project financially.

The second is a project report. It is a daily report that contains the detailed ins & outs of a building site. They include the materials, the equipment, and the status & overall operations. The third is a drill-down report. It helps you analyze numbers & data.

Another type is a key performance indicator. It is a report that aims to determine whether the goals of a building site are met. It is also useful to check the progress of a construction project. Anyway, a construction report document is very vital in the success of a project.   Sample buildinginspection4 Sample national construction pipeline report 20172 Sample PSI owners1

If you are looking for samples of a building report template, you can find many free templates in this article. After you find your preferred template, you can directly print it out. If needed, you are also allowed to edit the text first before submitting it.

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