5+ Sample Business Gap Analysis

Sample Business Gap Analysis and What to Understand About It

Sometimes, running a business is not as smooth as road. In other hand, some planning sometimes also cannot be realized well. It is the reason why you need to do an analysis, especially gap analysis. Here, we will talk about the sample business gap analysis.

A gap analysis is an important analysis for the business. By doing this analysis, of course you will be able to know the real condition of your business. In other hand, the gap analysis is also able to know the wrong side inside the business, so fixing it will be easier.

There are some matters to understand in order to make a good business gap analysis. For those who are curious with this kind of analysis, please take a sit and read some following writings below.

Kinds of Business Gap Analysis

Before talking more about the gap analysis for business, it is good when you know the kinds of gap analysis. Yes, knowing the kinds of gap analysis is important in order to be able to choose the most appropriate gap analysis to perform.

Some kinds of the gap analysis that maybe could be used as inspiration to make an analysis are:

  • Business process gap analysis template
  • Business continuity gap analysis template
  • Business inventory gap analysis template
  • Business process re-engineering gap analysis template
  • And others

Seeing the points as above, we may see that there are some kinds of the gap analysis that you need to know. By knowing the kinds of it, of course you will be able to make a good business gap analysis based on what you want.

How to Make a Good Gap Analysis?

Something to underline about the gap analysis is the gap itself. This analysis is done to know the gap between the current situation and the planning. By knowing the gap, of course a company will be able to make an evaluation.

There are some ways that you need to do in order to make gap analysis. The ways to make gap analysis are:

  • Analyze the current situation

Since the gap analysis tells about the real condition of business, of course analyzing the current situation of business becomes the first matter that you need to do. Here, you need to make detail observation about your business, so the condition of it could be known well.

  • Identify the ideal future condition

After analyzing the current situation of business, it is good when you do the same matter but to know the ideal future condition. The ideal future condition could be said as the detail planning that you make and want to apply.

Here, you need to be objective in identifying the ideal future condition. Use the current situation as the base of sight. By using the right base, of course summarizing the planning will be easier and the future planning will be more realistic to apply.

  • Bridge the gap

The two ways as above will lead you to know the gap inside your business. The gap between the reality and ideal condition should be bridged. Yes, making a bridge for the gap will be the challenge of you in running the business.

Templates for Business Continuity Gap Analysis Sample 1

Templates for Business Continuity Gap Analysis2 Sample

Well, that is all about the gap analysis that you need to know. It is good when you do some researches and find sample business gap analysis.

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