Carpenter Resume Sample

Carpenter Resume Sample job description works in fixing and repairing things and stuff that is made from wood. The person needs to have ability and skills in handling the wooden objects and structures, and do the repairing by following the right regulations, control security, and maintain the safety. The person needs to have excellent understanding about blueprints and know how to run the tasks.

Carpenter Resume Sample

Louise Brightway

5001 Valley Mint Road, Las Vegas, NV, 89143, Phone: +1 (702) 488-4902




Las Vegas, NV

04/2015 – present

  • Works with manager and supervisor
  • Assist the projects from clients
  • Perform the projects and assign it with the Head and Assistant of Carpenter in the company
  • Do various frame of works including build-up building structures
  • Assist the management of the projects and know how to maintain the performance
  • Can do the implementation of the working plan
  • Always do the safety inspection in the projects including collecting the data
  • Participate in the programs that is given to the new trainee and can assist them to work under regulations and safety procedures
  • Can manage the external activities and develop the instruction that helps the projects



San Jose, CA

07/2010 – 10/2015

  • Capable to work with different design of the building construction
  • Involve in the highways and road building plan
  • Work with bridge installations
  • Have great ability to work in team as well as in the individuals
  • Can do and manage the installation of the kitchen cabinets in the clients’ house or building
  • Do the carpentry work in excellent performance
  • Can do preventive maintenance and know exactly how to do it
  • Can estimate the cost and the expense of the works
  • Capable to supervise and guide the team to perform great teamwork
  • Do the tasks based on the procedures
  • Can do selects the works requests that come to the company
  • Knows how to clean and take care of the tools and equipment



Oakland, CA

07/2007 – 05/2010

  • Always follow the regulations when working
  • Deciding something with precision and deep thinking
  • Use the blueprints as the guide and lead plan
  • Can build the plans that help the complexity in the working area
  • Capable to meet with clients and know how to fulfill the clients’ wish
  • Can install the wood structure and fixtures carefully
  • Know how to make windows, doors, and more
  • Can read the design and blueprints, and have ability to create the modification
  • Do the measurement precisely and accurately
  • Always following safety system and regulations in order to keep secure in the working area
  • Can do cutting, measuring, and arranging the design or the shape of the wood
  • Know how to handle other materials than woods
  • Can construct the design and do the installing and repairing structure




Bachelor’s Degree in Carpentry



  • Have education in the carpentry subjects
  • Have excellent mechanical skills and know perfectly how to use and utilize the mechanical aspects in the working area
  • Skillful to handle various tools and machines
  • Can read blueprints and know how to run the designs
  • Have good communication skills
  • Can do math and have excellent mathematic skills
  • Know how to decide significant decision in complex situation
  • Quick thinker and can solve problems with critical skills
  • Have excellent physical strength
  • Works with detail orientation and accurate


Carpenter Resume Sample


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