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Church Inventory Templates for PDF

Church inventory templates provide template information that helps you to create a good design form. The function of this is to manage the administration of tools, equipment, and finance that relates to the Church.

Church Property Inventory 1

The document will cover the properties, the sales track of the items, and others that related to the Church. The template will help you to arrange the documents and calculate the value in an order way. Some of the document samples are provided below.

How to Create a Church Inventory Template

A sample design started with a date of the inventory. Under the date information, put the description related to the inventory form like the value of the building(s) and the content items. These two features are created based on the current estimated cost for replacement.

Church Property Inventory 2

There are two points of inventory that can be mentioned in Church property inventory template. In each of the points that will be delivered, there are four types of costs. Those are Church, School, Other, and Buildings. The items that are usually being explained in a Church Sanctuary are various.

Some of items are Communion Service, Altar Furnishings, Bibles, Hymnals, choir Robes & Vestments, Choir Music, Musical Instruments and Pianos, Pews, Baptismal Fonts, Tables and Chairs, Pictures and Paintings, VCRs/Monitors, DVD Players, and Overload, Side, and LCD Projectors.

Next thing that can write is the items for Church Office. Still like the previous one, there four costs that are divided for Church, School, Other, and Buildings. The item lists are Files and Filing Cabinets, Computer Systems, Copying Equipment, Telephones, Office Supplies, Books, and others.

This kind of template can be developed in various ways. This is only a sample of form that can simply be followed by people. Just like how making an inventory, the form consists of tables and columns. In each column or tables, you can put the information based on the variation.

What to Write in Church Inventory Template Details

Making this form, the information needs to be written in detail. You must have known about what items that should be included in the list. You also need to find out about what features you could discus in the list.

Church Property Inventory 3

The items may vary from Sound Equipment and Lighting like Microphone and Speakers, Audio – Visual Equipment like Projector and Camcorder or Video Camera, Office Equipment, Kitchen Equipment, to Furniture and Fittings that include Pews and Lectern.

Sample Church inventory needs be created by professional or by a member of Church. A Church staff can also make it and get a signed from the head. Just make sure that the items are listed in specific places, add some pictures in the form if it is needed and attach the schedule of Church activities.

The items that are mentioned in the list will get a regular update and audit. If there is a fixation then it will be added in the form as well. Make sure that it is created orderly and make sure that it has dates and other general information that lead to Church inventory templates to be completed.



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