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Key Points to Include in Making Church Report Template for the Service

As you might have known, churches are that of non-profit organizations. Thus, there is a need to care for the finances, assets, and activities. In other words, you will need a church report template to report all those things. Each of them has its own templates to use. So, choose which one you need.


If you happen to find the need to report the church activities though, you can go with monthly ministry reports. There are some key points to make this report here. Let’s go over them one by one so we know how to properly make one.

Church Report Template Key Point #1

For this report, you need to write the title first of course. It does not have to be that long. Make it short yet still contain necessary information. You can go with “Monthly Ministry Report Covenant Community Church”. You are free to alter it as needed to meet your needs when writing the report.

Sample Annual Report final4

Of course, you need to follow the title with some info. Church ministry report will need you to put your name, position/ministry area, and date of the report. You can’t send a report without writing who writes the report itself. Isn’t that right?

Church Report Template Key Point #2

The next point would be the activities or accomplishments. It should include the things that have been done along with some facts if any and necessary to have in. It is a report we are talking about here after all. So, we have this church report key point pointed out so you don’t miss what’s important.

Sample Annual Report6

Within a month, there must be at least some things you did for the church, right? Not all plans might be accomplished, but do write what’s been accomplished in your church service report. It informs the readers but is great for evaluation.

Church Report Template Key Point #3

What comes after that is the goals for next month. Church ministry goals pretty much tell what you aim to accomplish in the future. Since things have been accomplished now, you need to plan for the next ones of course. You can take the current accomplishments into account to plan for that very future.

Sample annual report10

Aim to accomplish better than before. Fix the problems and it will eventually benefit the church later. Ministry report template is not for use to report only. You can further make good use of it like this for your own benefit. So, do try it.

Church Report Template Key Point #4

The last key point will be for partnership. Here, it will be part of the report where it shows how the council can assist you in accomplishing those goals before. After all, you can’t possibly do everything on your own. It is all the more reason if you have bigger goals for the church’s benefits.    Sample annualreport2 Sample cbc 2016 annual report8 Sample compiled 03.165 Sample FCRprint1 Sample GBC Annual Report 2015 2016 with No Annual Statements9 Sample Local Church Annual Report Sample Rooted in the Church Summary Report7

You might even get help from the pastor too. So, make sure the goals for next month in your church report template is properly thought through. Do keep in mind that you are doing it for the church and the people in need of its services.

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