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A beauty shop is an establishment that deals with cosmetic treatments. It is not exclusive to women. Men also can go to beauty shop and get cosmetic treatments. Hair salons and spas are the other notable variations of this type of business. Beauty salons provides extended services, not only about hair and body treatment but also related to skin health, foot care, nail manicures, facial aesthetics, aromatheraphy, oxygen therapy, mud baths, and even meditation.

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Those beauty shops are run by beauty therapists. They are experts in therapeutic facial and body care. They understand key body systems, anatomy, skin biology, and cosmetic chemistry. They perform therapies to address specific conditions, most popularly acne and eczema. However, they do not have requirements and specifications to diagnose these conditions.

As beauty therapist, you must perform daily tasks such as conducting skin analysis to clients, advising clients on skin and body care, performing manicures and pedicures, applying make-up, performing facial or body massage and treatments, and providing advice on cosmetic and skin care products. Your daily working hours depend on where you work. Typically, you will work evenings and weekends because those are the times most of your clients are available. You can work independently to have more flexibility. However, you will usually be called outside usual business hours.

Whether you’re running a beauty clinic or working independently as beauty therapist, you need to issue invoice to clients as proof that you have provided beauty services to your clients. The invoice is considered valid if it includes the following:

  • Clinic name, address, and phone number (logo if any)
  • Client name, address, and phone number
  • Customer ID
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Service description
  • Price per service
  • Quantity
  • Total cost/total due (include tax and other fees if any)
  • Comments (include agreements, payment methods, and due date if any)

We provide Free Download Beautiful Clinic Invoice Template for you to use. Simply click the download button, save the file, and modify the file according to your needs. This template is text editable and print-ready. It has clean and creative design, CMYK Setting, and fully layered files. You can edit this template in Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Corel Draw.

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