Cloud Network Engineer Resume Sample

Cloud Network Engineer Resume Sample job description is a position of jobs that requires the ability of handling computer hardware. The candidate must be able to operate and understand deep down about computer’s software and hardware and also allows to do access for shared resources.

Cloud Network Engineer Resume Sample

Mark Smith 

1501 Rose Wood Road, West Covina, CA, 91201, Phone: +1 (209) 675-9087



                                                San Diego, CA   

                                                02/2017 – present

  • Establish great teamwork with team or individual with great performance for doing Cloud network engineer resume sample
  • Able to work with various network services and software
  • Can handle Web services such as XML, WSDL, UDDI, and SOAP
  • Can do data transfer, tag transfer, and describe it with open resource
  • Able to develop software and operating system
  • Responsible to hand containers in the environment including work with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Have great programming skills that requires ability to manage and build applications
  • Have great skills to create and lead projects
  • Experience to handle domains with proper treatments
  • Able to work with big roles and responsibility



Oakland, CA

07/2014 – 11/2016

  • Able to do business with partner and create long mutual relationship
  • Can improve the internet access and the Wan bandwidth with more reliable source
  • Responsible to create virtual networks that will give benefits for company and customers
  • Capable to virtualization and have great skill to work with virtual machines like Lambda and EC2.
  • Can create the Linux as open source with more comfortable customization
  • Responsible to create security to the system
  • Able to do work with team and create security system and disaster recovery
  • Can track and tracing the database with complete responding including tracking the unexpected events



Rochester, NY

09/2010 – 05/2014

  • Have excellent skill to do computing including doing mix and create software
  • Have been worked with top market leaders such as Azure and AWS
  • Experience to work with storage
  • Compile to storing data online on the Cloud to be accessible and capable to do multiple distribution
  • Capable to make resources connection that related to storage
  • Responsible to do cloud storage managing including create with reliability, great accessibility, strong protection, data back-up and archival, and cost recovery
  • Capable to create different Cloud Storage such as for personal, public, private, and hybrid
  • Able to work with S3, AWS, blobs & Queues as well as Azure and Data Lakes
  • Capable to create great relationship to customers



                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering & Computer Science    



  • Have great experience of computing software and able to work with hardware computer
  • Have excellent understanding about the cloud services that is provided at work
  • Capable to handle the troubleshoot on the network
  • Able to handle problem that is related to storage computing, networking, virtualization, and Linux
  • Experience the security’s computer and the disaster recovery
  • Capable to do Web Services along with API
  • Can develop software and hardware
  • Have high experience to work with Java, Ruby, and Phyton
  • Can do Cloud Service Providers
  • Can operate and mix software
  • Able to provide service providers such as database, Migration, ML, storage, and compute
  • Experience in the related field for years


Cloud Network Engineer Resume Sample

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