15+ Collaboration Agreement Sample Template

A Full Guide in Making a Collaboration Agreement Template

Collaboration agreement is a kind of agreement which is made between 2 or more businesses or researchers engaged in a project. It mentions their working relationship and talks about the purposes of all parties to share data, resources, materials, etc. Let’s see this collaboration agreement template.

Sample Business Collaboration Agreement


How to Write a Collaboration Agreement Template

There are some steps that you will need to follow in writing a collaboration agreement form. First of all, you have to start with the agreement title. Basically, the title must be able to show the gist of what it is going to be about. It should make the readers that this is a collaboration agreement.

After making a title, the second step that you have to do is to identify the involved parties. In this step, you should mention the parties one by one including the details of each party. After the name, you should follow it with address, phone number, company name, etc.

The third step in writing this agreement is to estimate the budget. In fact, budget is really important because it shows the income & expenses. Therefore, you have to state the income, expense, and others clearly. You may also need to state the mutual consent for costs, sources of income and funds.

Miscellaneous information should also be provided in this agreement. In this case, you must state the warranties, state law, process, terms & conditions, etc. You have to state any deadline you should meet, too. In addition, it is also important to explain the functions of all parties in detail.

After you follow all the steps above, make sure that you review it first. If you think that everything is right, now you have to sign off the business collaboration agreement template. Make sure that all parties sign it off. The signatures must be handwritten and original followed with full names.

There are at least 4 elements that you have to include in this agreement. The first is the agreement purpose. Therefore, both parties will understand the purpose of this agreement. The second is the scope & duration where it shows the period of agreement & the scope of work.

The third element to be included is commitment to collaboration. It aims to make sure that all parties have a commitment to work together. Another element you must include is termination. It details the condition that will lead to early termination of agreement. Do not miss any of those elements.

As it is mentioned above, you should follow terms & condition in this agreement. Terms & conditions can be specified into the following limitations. They include definitions, project funding and also service. Therefore, you have to understand the terms & conditions clearly including each of the limitation above.


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Collaboration agreement template is needed in different businesses or projects. For example, you may need to create a collaboration agreement between 2 parties for money, collaboration agreement for research, collaboration agreement for SKD business, collaboration agreement for writers, and others.

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