Community Volunteer Resume Sample

Community Volunteer job description is an activity that is held in team or community to help people, animals, or those who needs support at any scale. The person will be responsible to deliver best service to support, develop the plans, and set the target to reach and help a lot more.

Community Volunteer Resume Sample

Amanda Mitchel

2191 Breamar Haven, Lafayette, LA, 48607, Phone: +1 (989) 4528011



                                                New Orleans, LA

                                                05/2012 – present

  • Build significant projects to help a lot of people in which it can be seen on Community Volunteer resume sample
  • Make a campaign that help humanity, habitat, environment and animals in the wide range of space
  • Responsible to create major projects that reach out more human, environment, and animal aspects
  • Gather donation and able to contact various fond donators to help the projects
  • Hold cooperative agreements, contracts, and charity with the vendors, foundation, or organization
  • Make cooperation with blood organization to help people
  • Make regular donation projects that accept various type of stuff such as foods, clothes, blankets, and many more
  • Manage the projects and able to promote it for public
  • Able to enhancing new volunteers and donators to help a lot more people
  • Capable to give clear goals, set and reach the targets


Asbury, IA

08/2009 – 01/2012

  • Responsible to hold trainings for new members
  • Capable to build schedules and projects
  • Able to create innovative, creative, and brilliant projects with proper bright future concept
  • Being responsible to arrange the schedule for projects
  • Create mission, that is interactive, friendly can reach out a lot of people and amazing
  • Able to set all of the stuff that is needed during the projects
  • Able to handle and manage the project to run well
  • Capable to find supply for the support project and find the donators as well
  • Provide best service through the projects that has been hold
  • Able to create instructions to lead and the projects’ team
  • Capable to collect many resources for the sake of the succeed project



Fargo, ND

08/2005 – 06/2009

  • Working hard on the projects and help the projects to run well
  • Has been expert to help in various organizations such as humanity campaign, art museums, disaster campaign, national park, food pantries, and animal rescue shelters
  • Has certificates to help people or creators in professional way
  • Help to give homeless people to get foods and live better
  • Join in volunteer community in the near area
  • Work in team and able to lead the team to handle the project successfully
  • Join the organization and fund to donate certain amounts of money for people who need it
  • Helps the donation and the fund of the project
  • Take an action and participate in distributing and collecting the donations
  • Collects the needed stuff such as blanket and foods from society and give it to homeless shelter



                                                Bachelor IN Volunteer LSU



  • Have strong communication skills
  • Have great ability to work with various type of projects
  • Capable to work in any time lapses
  • Able to lead a team and work in team
  • Can build communication with members of the team and run the project together
  • Can build relations to various people through great communication skills
  • Work with professionalism and great teamwork
  • Always work with optimism, energetic, and flexibility
  • Person with imaginative, innovative, and creative ideas
  • Reliable and work with strong commitment
  • Selfless, work for team and do the project passionately
  • Work on time and can determine the goals


Community Volunteer Resume Sample

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