5+ Sample Construction Schedule Template

If you are a manager of construction project, you must have a sharp memory because you will have many projects to do. To make your project done on time with your target, you need to schedule it properly. In this case, what you need is a construction schedule template.

Tips to Make a Construction Schedule Template

Making a construction project schedule template is not easy. To make your construction schedule effective and easy to read, we have some useful tips that you need to follow. The following tips will ease you in creating the template properly.

Template Construction Project Planing and Scheduling Sample

First of all, you have to write down all of your tasks. The best way is to involve a team in constructing the task list. You can begin with what you need to be included such as risk management meeting & key reporting dates. Tasks belong to the main culprits to take the project off-track.

After that, what you need to do is to establish the task order. You may have many tasks to do with different projects. To make them scheduled, you have to create the order. You have to know what you must do first. With the proper order, your construction project will run well.

Then, you need to create a project milestone. It is a particular point that marks the completion. Here, you should put milestones on the construction project schedule in the appropriate places & then link them to relevant tasks. With this milestone, your tasks will be done on time.

The next step is to calculate the timescale. After you have the list of linked task with milestone, you can add fixed dates. It is very important to review how long the task will take. Here, you have to make sure that every task lasts for the proper amount of time.

After you do the steps above, now you should allocate people to the tasks. To make your plan complete, you must add the details of the persons doing the tasks. So, everyone will do his own task based on the plan. You can make it in a list in detailed.

When you finish your construction schedule form, you still need to review it regularly. In fact, your plan can change as the construction project evolves. It is better to have a formal review once a month or twice a month regularly. If there is any change, you can re-plan your construction project.

This template can be made weekly, monthly, etc. It depends on your desire or how many construction projects you have. To make this template, you can do it manually using a paper & pen or with a computer using Ms. Excel. You also need to have some copies of form for your team.

That is all the useful tips in making a construction schedule template. Hopefully this will be a useful reference. Now, it is your time to make the construction schedule based on your own construction projects by following the tips above.


Template Construction Schedule Sample Template SIP Construction Schedule Format Sample

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