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Credit Card Receipts and What to Know Inside It

The receipt in common is used in every transaction. Yes, by using this document, of course you will know about the detail of some services you get or products that you bought. However, in this occasion, we will talk about the detail information of credit card receipts.

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Well, the use of credit card today increases significantly. The cashless transaction is getting higher and of course it needs the new service to apply. Then, do the transaction using the credit card needs the receipt? Here, we will talk about some matters of it.

Knowing the detail of credit card receipts maybe is important. By knowing this kind of document, of course you will know the function of it and why you need to apply it. For those who are curious with this matter, please take a sit and read some following writings below.

Information to Include Inside Credit Card Receipt

To know more about the receipt of credit card, you may start it by knowing the information inside it. Yes, knowing the information inside this document will lead you to find more information and of course will be useful to help you in making process –when you need to make it.

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Some information to add include good credit card receipts are:

  • The detail of merchant – the first important information to add inside the receipt of credit card is a merchant’s detail. Merchant here is the company that will receive the payment using the credit card. Here, there should be basic contact information of the merchant.
  • Date of transaction – as the common and basic receipt, the receipt of credit card should include the detail time of the transaction. The date of the transaction should be added because it is important to track the transaction when there are some problems happen.
  • Description of the product and service – the receipt of credit card also should contain the detail of the product and the service. It is quite important because the detail transaction should be cleared, so the customers could do some claims when there is problem.
  • An imprint of card – another important information to add inside the receipt of credit card is an imprint of the card. Here, although the credit card uses the digital transaction, the imprint sometimes is needed in order to be the additional proof of the transaction.
  • Signature of the cardholder – the signature is needed inside the receipt of credit card. Something that you need to know, the receipt of credit card is a formal document. Since it is formal, the signature is used to legalize the document of transaction.
  • Primary account number – another information to add inside a receipt of credit card is the PAN or primary account number. This number should be added in order to help the verification process when it is needed.

Well, it is all about the receipt of credit card that you need to know. Try to do some researches in order to find a good sample of credit card receipts, so you could make it better.


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