Cyber Security Operations resume sample

Cyber Security Operations job description is a job position that requires deep understanding about the security information system that cover web sites, applications, database and server, and many more. The person will do monitoring, accessing, and defending the company or client’s computer system.

Cyber Security Operations resume sample

Gina Robert

3447 127 St. Avenue, Chicago, IL, MN, 62462, Phone: +1 (217) 777-5567



                                                New York, IL

                                                04/2017 – present

  • Being responsible to provide analysis of cyber computer system, handle the troubleshooting, and work professionally and successfully as seen in Cyber security operations resume sample
  • Capable to perform detailed analysis that cover the network traffic, computer intrusion system, log analysis, and more
  • Handle the appliances deployments in the company and capable to do the implementation
  • Give the technical expertise for team and look for the security tools
  • Handle the gap of remediating security with non-compliance
  • Ensuring that the operational system is working
  • Take the responsibility of doing the operational managements system, protecting the computer system and creating secured pattern
  • Identify the IT service and the computer system in the company
  • Take care all of security aspects such as firewalls, network, encryption technology and more
  • Capable to work, create, and handle the third party connections, do patching, and create anti-virus


Chesterfiel, MO

09/2011 – 01/2017

  • Involve in team and be proactive to participate in the project team progress
  • Capable to create the email security controls and the intrusion detection for company’s computer system
  • Experience to build virtual private network and identify the access management
  • Can build the intrusion prevention in the system and reports a security performance
  • Handle the control of the management and do change it if necessary
  • Have deep understanding about cyber-security, cyber infrastructure system, and network security
  • Can build the relations between the team, key decision makers, and the leader
  • Give full support to CISO and develop the operations including the metrics
  • Can do preparations before operating the system
  • Capable to arrange the budgets and the on-going projects’ nominal value
  • Understand and capable to create system from about Data Loss, create the Data Loss Prevention, Cloud Security and more



Brooklyn Center, MN

02/2007 – 04/2011

  • Capable to work in team and give contribution about cyber security
  • Create the pattern and form of security system and operations
  • Understand about Web Filtering, FWs, and have ability to make optimized secured system
  • Capable to create full analysis of the trouble shooting of the security incidents that may appear
  • Always keep up with the news and development related to the subjects and capable to decide a good decision at any situation
  • Can develop the system and maintain the security for documentation, process, procedures and more
  • Have wide experience on handling the vulnerability assessment
  • Capable to create the full analysis of the computer system
  • Have more than 3 years experiences on handling and creating the security system for company



                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Cybersecurity



  • Have great communication skills and capable to master various language such as Spanish, France, and German
  • Have excellent writing skills and verbal communication skills
  • Have great ability of solving problem
  • Work with calm and patience
  • Always feel enthusiast to learn something new
  • Capable to work in team and as individuals
  • Can build relationship between company, vendors, and other
  • Familiar with subjects that related to IT
  • Can understand about pattern and cyber security design
  • Provide professionalism working
  • Can understand about business security and anything related to it
  • Understand about SOC and NOC
  • Really reliable and have great knowledge about computer system and security


Cyber Security Operations resume sample

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