Cyber Security Specialist Resume Sample

Cyber security specialist resume sample can be the illustration when you, as a candidate, wants to make a new resume to join with the company for getting new jobs. Well, as we know, a resume becomes the first requirement needed to be submitted before the selection.

By using a resume, a candidate is able to show who they are. Then, by using a resume too, a candidate is able to claim as a potential candidate by showing the experiences, skills and achievement. Of course, with better three points as above, they could beat the other candidates.

In this occasion, we will talk about a sample of the resume. By seeing the sample of resume, I am sure that you will know what to include in writing it.

Sample of Cyber Security Specialist Resume

Jennifer Hudson

89712 Hayes Plaza, Detroit, MI. Phone: +1 (555) 761 8912


Senior Cyber Security Specialist

Houston, TX

  • Ensuring the security of scanning and monitoring compliance
  • Reviewing the security and the policies of encryption
  • Doing the policies of sensor for the IDS or IPS, firewalls, security gateways of web and logging
  • Planning the strategy of cloud and IOT
  • Analyzing the general information assurance related with the technical problems
  • Providing basic engineering and technical support to resolve some kinds of problems
  • Recommending the standards of enterprise information security, including the management, operational and controls of technical security
  • Conducting research about the threats of emerging security
  • Leading the investigation of incident of computer
  • Determining the cause of the problem about computer

Site Cyber Security Specialist

Boston, MA

02/2013 – 09/09/2015

  • Performing and verifying the backups of cyber assets
  • Maintaining the relationship of great working with the site personnel and other teams
  • Working to resolve the issue of moderately complex and seeking the guidance from the member of teams in the issue of escalated
  • Following the policy of NRG and the procedures in order to report the cyber and the physical security incidents
  • Assisting in testing of the annually incident reporting procedure
  • Following and assisting in building the better management
  • Performing the complex works assignments in order to get better performance
  • Working with the IT, network, facilities and transmission team members in order to insecure the security and compliance based on the standards of CIP

Cyber Security Specialist

San Francisco, CA

11/2007 – 08/2012

  • Performing the system and the administration of network in system of managed configuration as it is assigned
  • Executing the reviews of case and performing the quality for the regulatory compliance
  • Keeping the current technical with the networking of HPS and portfolio of system and product wireless, while maintaining the discipline of designated network
  • Working knowledge of the control of source code version and principles of configuration management
  • Providing the overall supports of ENERCON cyber security
  • Providing the cyber security and the expertise of management of risk for various programs
  • Operating the security system, firewalls and other matters


Drexel University

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science



  • Strong verbal presentation skills
  • Good judgment in exercise
  • Capable in handling high levels of stress
  • Possessing the excellent troubleshoot
  • Highly motivated and spirit in doing the program and project
  • Ability to develop and maintain the professional contact


Cyber Security Specialist Resume Sample

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