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A calendar is a chart that shows the day, date, and month of a year. The calendar also contains information about the commemoration days of the year. The main function of a calendar is to show or identify the day. Certain days have personal, cultural or international significance.

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There are many types of calendars divided according to something agreed upon by a group. The historical calendar is often subdivided into larger categories according to historical period or cultural scope. According to this division, the calendar is divided into groups such as the Babylonian calendar, the Egyptian calendar, the Chinese calendar, the Indian calendar, and the Mesoamerican calendar. This calendar division is based on O’Neil in 1976.

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Meanwhile, the Hellenic calendar inspired the Roman calendar, including a calendar based on the solar rotation of the Julian calendar (introduced in 45 BC). Many types of modern calendars, including the calendar most widely used today, the Gregorian calendar, are inspired or are modifications to the Julian calendar.

In addition to O’Neil’s classification, there are also regional and historical classifications of calendars. For example, the Hijri calendar, the Mayan calendar, the Aztec calendar, the Egyptian calendar, the Mesopotamian calendar, the Iranian calendar, the Hindu calendar, the Buddhist calendar, the Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican calendar, the Hellenic calendar, and a calendar that is a modification of the Julian or Gregorian calendar.

daily calender psd templates

Then, according to the number of days and the calendar reference, the calendar is divided into four, namely the lunisolar calendar, solar calendar, lunar calendar, and seasonal calendar. Most pre-modern calendars are of the lunisolar type. Meanwhile, most modern calendars are of the solar calendar type (for example, the Julian calendar or the Gregorian calendar). Then, religious-based calendars are usually lunar calendars, for example the Islamic calendar and some Buddhist calendars. Finally, seasonal calendars are determined according to changes in seasons or environment, not due to observations of the rotation of the moon or the rotation of the sun.

If you have a computer and a set of printers at home, you no longer need to buy calendars at bookstores or stationery stores. You can design your own daily calendar by referring to our daily calendar templates, including:

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  • And many more!

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Daily Calendar Design Ideas

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Daily Calendar Ideas

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