What is a Child Care Termination Letter

Most contracts for child care require notification before you withdraw your child or your child from an existing program. Avoid unnecessary fines and fees by writing a termination letter according to the terms stated in the contract agreement.

Artikel 116. Daycare Termination Letter

Format and Content of the Child Care Termination Letter

Write the letter clearly and concisely so that there is no room for ambiguity. The letter is accompanied by a written date as well as the date of ending your relationship with the babysitter. For the letter format use the opening paragraph with your statement of intent, the name of your child or child, and the date of termination. The body of the letter may contain information that you believe is important to protect your interests. Your last paragraph should provide your contact information.

Sample of Child Care Termination Letter

This sample child care termination letter was written by a father informing the facility that he will remove his children from the program in 4 weeks. He specifically mentioned that his contract required 3 weeks’ notice. Although it is not required, he provides daycare for children because he has decided to remove his children from the program.

How to Make a Child Care Termination Letter

Dear Ms. Belly:

This letter is to inform you that starting February 1, 2020, our children Melly and Gerry John will no longer attend Little Fun Child Care. As per our contract, please accept this letter as our official 3-week notice. Our bills are paid until the end of February. We’ll pay for the additional week of February on Monday, January 29th. I realize that we are responsible for paying tuition fees for the whole week even though our children will only be present for 3 days.

In February I will take a new job in New York, America. While the move made business and financial sense, we realized it could be difficult for Melly and Gerry to leave what they know as home and move to a place they have never seen. We do our best to make the move seem like an exciting adventure for our kids and families. We appreciate the cooperation of your teachers in this matter and ask that each discussion focuses on the positive aspects only.

We love the level of care Little Fun provides our children. We researched the many child care facilities in the area and chose your facility because of your high-quality preschool education program. Melly and Gerry have lots of friends at your childcare facility. With your permission, my wife wants to bring cupcakes and punch on January 29th so our children can say goodbye to their classmates and teachers in a fun and cheerful way.


Please contact me if you have any questions. I can be reached during the day at (111) -111-1111 or you can call my wife at our home number, (111) -111-1111. Thank you once again for taking great care of our children. I fully intend to visit your Facebook page and your official company listings to leave a positive review of your organization.


Best regards,

Mr. Robert William




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