Delivery Driver resume sample

Delivery driver job description is a position that requires high focus, great strength and the ability to do multi task. You will need to be able to do delivering in a wide of scales, understand about related aspect such as routes, time schedules, amount of stocks and products, loading-unloading, preparing and operating the transportation, doing documentation and many more.

Delivery Driver resume sample

James Mayes

3455 Rover Line, Naples, FL, Saint Cloud, MN, 32003, Phone: +1 (786) 8885577



                                                Naples, FL

                                                05/2015 – present

  • Being capable to give and provide great and excellent service as seen in delivery driver resume sample
  • Capable to provide great communication between the company, customers, and the staff
  • Capable to deliver a lot of stock within days
  • Capable to send various products within days and can coverage miles areas
  • Can handle big sales and manage it to work well
  • Can manage sales that associated to changes and related to customers
  • Experience to give and serve best service for customers in all aspects including the communication, cost information, ordering products and delivery times
  • Being experience to manage the merchandises from the company, clients, then deliver it to customers
  • Provide the shelf merchandise and all aspects that are needed to the stores
  • Ready to set up and ready to set up the projects requested from clients
  • Capable to work with DOT, FDA, and OSHA
  • Works with Airgas standards and regulations
  • Always check up the delivery aspects including the schedules and the routes
  • Experience to take care all of the aspects, arrange the plan, and create the schedules and run the projects



Miami, FL

08/2010 – 04/2015

  • Can perform the pre-trip as well as the post-trip of the vehicle inspections and prepare the documents
  • Take care of the products sale and delivery documents such as deficiencies and profits
  • Make sure about the safety, safety of the delivery process and the safety of the items
  • Make sure that all of the services are working in a good way
  • Capable to handle trouble when there are problems in the delivery service
  • Capable to arrange and set the delivery products’ schedule and the assign the route with time windows
  • Can communicate with all of the partners, managers, and clients about the delivery right after
  • Can manage all of the delivery service assigned very well
  • Can perform regular inspections and check the operating procedures
  • Can notify the manager and the Full Service Development team about the delivery projects and inform them through contact if there is any change
  • Capable to manage and handle the changes that may happen during the service such as new ownership changing and closed account



Florida City, FL

05/2006 – 05/2010

  • Can provide the service and give feedback to customers and clients
  • Can manage the transportation and handle the route as well as the changes
  • Can give invoice and handle the order very well
  • Capable to manage and complete the delivery each time and collect the data including the ones that using COD delivery service
  • Capable to deliver the products and materials from customers that may include the unloading and loading service
  • Can collect the payment and make sure that delivery service is running smoothly under licensed and using official permission
  • Can perform daily pre-trip and post trip deliver
  • Can assist the warehouse and check the products
  • Can determine the materials, do shipping, handle the ordering, receiving, loading and unloading stocks and products, and many more



                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Risk Management Insurance



  • Have strong passion and willing to do tasks with professionalism and compassion
  • Have great interpersonal skills
  • Can build great communication with people and interact with a lot of people from different field
  • Can do multi task and work with safety standard
  • Have great basic skills such as doing calculations, corrections, and others
  • Understand about shipping, stocking, receiving and ordering products
  • Can work with team and build good team work
  • Understand about computer and basic programs
  • Can work effectively and do under pressure
  • Optimistic and have a strong will


Delivery Driver resume sample

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