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Delivery Receipt Template for PDF and Doc

Delivery receipt template is created to inform the customers about the details of the delivery transaction that has happened in the business. This form is needed to inform both of the parties about certain details of the transactions. It includes the shipped details and other important things.

Sample Delivery Conformation Receipt Templates

The function of this form is to ensure the customers about their products delivery information. At the other time, it also helps the delivery service to check about the detail description of each business transaction that happened.

In order to create a good delivery receipt you should know about several things. The samples that are provided here can help you to walk one step further. There are various templates that give great examples for you to use. You can use the worksheet directly and it is free.

Steps to Create a Delivery Receipt Template

To create this form, you can follow the already-made samples here. Also, you can make your own version based on the samples here. There are a lot of ways to create the form in easier way. Usually, the sample will consist with basic information.

Sample Delivery Note Receipt Templates

Then, there will be tables with certain information. Usually, the details related to the type of the delivery that the service has provided. You can start your delivery receipt sample based on name, date, and address as the first general data.

Then, you can move to the details like the name of the product, the quantity of the products, the amount of the orders, the detail of the date and others. Sometimes, you can also put the weight, diameters, or other to inform products’ detail.

If you are going to put the additional features, then you can put it on the separate place. On the last place, there will be section for handwriting. Different type of delivery service requires different form design. You can adjust the form based on the delivery business type.


However, just remember to put these some basic information in the delivery receipt sample. Those are name of sender along with address and contact number. Then, there are date of the transaction process, time when it is happened, name of the recipient, and the signature.

In some condition, the form can appear with description that comes as paragraphs. An example of a delivery product takes the details of the year making information of the product with the model and the goods’ description.

It needs to be complete. The detail of the product needs to be exposed clearly and completely. Then, you can talk about the term of condition and the other things that you want to deliver in the form such as term of service and else. It is good to make your letter complete in efficient way.

As there are a lot of types of delivery receipt templates, each of them can appear in a different form. One of them comes with fully table form, and the other appears simply with paragraphs. You can use the template form that is suitable with the delivery company’s need.


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