Dental Insurance Appeal Letter and The Sample

Whenever you feel a little bit off with your mouth, it must have something to do with your teeth. This is basically a common issue for every kid that is aged between 10 – 18 whenever they have a tooth problem. But that does not mean it does not happen to adults. Recently, teenagers and adults are experiencing their need to either implant their missing teeth or have root scaling surgery to prevent loss of teeth. If by any chance, after the surgery is conducted and the bill is not covered by the insurance company, you can still write a dental insurance appeal letter.

149.Dental Insurance Appeal Letter

What is Dental Insurance Appeal Letter?

A dental insurance appeal letter is a letter in which you file a complaint to the insurance company for denying your hospital coverage after conducting the treatment. Some factors are causing this unpleasant event such as failure in submitting a dental claim to the insurance company less than 30 days since the treatment.  To win this appeal, be thoroughly prepared to provide evidence to back up the appeal.

Why Does Dental Insurance Only Cover a little?

The reason for this is because most people do not need to shell out the higher premium that dental insurance offers. Furthermore, what makes them buy the insurance with a little pay due to the ease of paying a little money not out of your pocket. That is why it is worth their time to file a dental insurance appeal letter to claim their coverage.

Methods in Writing a Dental Insurance Appeal Letter

How daunting the situation gets; you need not worry about how to write your dental insurance appeal letter in time. By paying attention to the below tips, you can start right away with your appeal letter.

  • The Verbiage on your coverage booklet
  • Medical records
  • X-rays and the like
  • Other clinical supportive notes

The Sample of a Dental Insurance Appeal Letter

The best way to have a clear visualization of your forthcoming writing is to learn from the best first. For example, you can scrutinize the below sample and get some parts of it to write your own writing with your own style.

Dear Mr. Strange

I am writing this letter in response to the denial of my dental claim number 735 for my tooth implant surgery that took place on 14th December 2016. I acknowledge that every single requirement has been checked and that my doctors had the pre-authorized conduct from your insurance company to process my dental claim.

I received the letter containing the deniability of my claim on 21st December stating that the tooth implant treatment was not necessary to be covered in my hospital coverage. In aftermath of that, I spoke with the doctors responsible for my surgery, Dr. James who argumentatively explains that all the procedures are within the area of my insurance coverage booklet. Due to that reason, I implore you to reconsider approving my claim and have my hospital bill paid.

Thank you for your cooperation and time

Yours truly,


Mr. Howard Stark


After that full guidance on how to get you started on the writing, you will not need to worry about the upcoming letter.

As you feel yourself in the need of a good appeal letter regarding dental insurance, a dental insurance appeal letter will support you along the way and get you the best order of writing.

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