Dentist Resume Sample

Dentist Resume job description is responsible to give healing, recipes, and give oral healthcare for patient in a professional way. The dentist works with professional, help patient to get hygiene oral teeth, mouth, and gums by giving the right diagnose, recipes, and advise.

Dentist Resume Sample

Julia Willingham

3877 Orchid Hill, Newark, DE, 19702, Phone: +1 (302) 366-7654


EXPERIENCE                       DENTIST

                                                Newark, NJ

                                                05/2016 – present

  • Can assist and take care of a lot of patience and give right recipes for them that is seen on Dentist resume sample
  • Provide other related duties out of surgery, clinic and patient for more clean management
  • Give the evaluation in annual time for residents and students who visit to the hospital
  • Responsible to lead Assists Program Director in the program of General Practice Residency

Work in a coordinate way with GPR program director

Can work together to provide courses, assessments, and teaching biomedical and more

  • Can provide and create exams in a comprehensive time
  • Can give the dental diagnose and the complete condition for patient
  • Provide the new developments of dental science through professional developments
  • Give regular educations with



Wilmington, DE

07/2011 – 03/2016

  • Provide professional advice for patients and able to give instructions to take care of the teeth
  • Able to heal the teeth problems and anything related to mouth’s part
  • Being responsible to give recipes and fully care for the teeth and gums
  • Capable to create diets for patients who need it
  • Work with trustworthy with clients
  • Can operate utilize for dentist including the modern technology tools
  • Can give excellent dentistry and clinically for patient
  • Can operate, perform, and interprets the radiographic that may needed during the dentistry
  • Capable to do professional surgery for patient that needs more serious handling
  • Can present single and multiple extractions for the teeth
  • Can provide referral procedures that is needed




Silver Spring, MD

04/2007 – 05/2011

  • Able to manage the business and provide clinical care to patience
  • Capable to work with more than twenty five clients per day
  • Responsible to work based on the regulations and standard
  • Work with professional care to patients with the right steps
  • Dentist responsible to work under the right procedures
  • Capable to heal the patient’s sickness such as removing the tooth decay, filling the cavities, and repairing the fractured teeth
  • Capable to right diagnose and treatments for patients
  • Able to give proper care or patients’ teeth, gums, and area around mouth



                                                Bachelor’s Degree in College of Health Sciences



  • Have great, bright, and warm personality
  • Have competence ability to handle patience with polite manner and behavior
  • Capable to give instructions for both oral and written
  • Responsible to assist the development of the paraprofessional team and create great atmosphere
  • Work professionally both working as individuals or as team
  • Responsible to work with positivity, friendly, and warm attitude
  • Have great excellent knowledge especially in the science and oral health
  • Have clear and normal eye sight
  • Live with great manual dexterity and able to work with steady hand
  • Have great ability to concentrate in a long time and work under the lights
  • Capable to use various special equipment
  • Have great understanding about the work and know about how to give the best recipes


Dentist Resume job description

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