What is Direct Letter Format

This direct letter has many types such as marketing materials, namely brochures, catalogs, sales letters, and others. Larger companies find direct mail advertising to be one of the most effective and profitable ways to attract new and existing clients.

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What are the Advantages of Direct Letter Format

Not another form of advertising, because you don’t know who received your message, so direct mail allows you to be able to communicate one on one with your target audience. This allows you to control who gets the message, when it is sent, what’s in the envelope, and how many people you reach. To create an effective direct mail campaign, start by including your name on as many mailing lists as possible. Junk email isn’t junk when you’re trying to learn about direct mail. Take note of your reactions to each section of the letter, and keep the ones that communicate most effectively, whether they are from large or small companies.

The most effective direct letter insertions often use keywords and color. Make sure the colors you use to promote the appropriate image. Neon colors, for example, can grab the attention of party planners or gift basket businesses.

To engage the reader in the order process, many mailers include a yes or no sticker that will be attached to the order form. Companies usually take this technique even further by asking recipients to find hidden stickers throughout the submission and attach them to sweepstakes entries. It also asks customers to select their gifts, which makes them more engaged.

With any type of direct mail, timely follow-up is key. A letter with a telephone follow-up is most effective. Don’t wait too long to contact your customer after sending the letter. After a few days, call to ask if they have received your card, letter, or email. If so, now is the time to promote your sales. If not, send it back as soon as possible.

How to Create a direct mail format

Direct mailing to someone who may be in your office should still follow simple letter-writing rules. To do this, you must follow a straightforward letter format so that you stick to the formulas that are usually defined. Below we’ve created a direct mail format for you to use


Contact information

Your name


Postal code

Dear (insert contact’s first name)

Paragraph 1 Since this is a direct letter, there will only be two paragraphs in total, so it’s important to get to the point. State all the points you need to make logically and concisely and make sure not to cover up the subject. Readers should be sure of what you mean in the first few sentences and your first paragraph should not go beyond this.

Paragraph 2 Briefly discuss the main points of your letter and state that you want responses in an appropriate time frame. Follow this up with a polite statement that you are looking forward to hearing from them and be sure to thank them for taking the time to read your letter.

Best regards,


Print Name


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