Dump Truck Driver Resume Sample

Dump truck driver resume sample job description covers many kinds of thing to do. The driver has the responsibility to do pre and post inspection of truck supplies and equipment. One also has to ensure the materials being loaded correctly and surely. Besides having the skill to drive dump truck, the driver will need to have interpersonal skills, strong teamwork, excellent ethics, and many more.

Dump Truck Driver Resume Sample

Edwin Gonswelt

9827 Angie Burg, Dallas, TX, Phone: +1 (555) 547 6723


                                                New York, NY

                                                06/2015 – present

  • Operate heavy equipment in the safest and most efficient way possible to work well and avoid any kind of accident
  • Check on various controls of the dump truck, including the fluid levels, tires, lights, etc. to ensure safety
  • Pay attention to all of the gauges of the truck’s controls during the driving to make sure nothing goes wrong
  • Operate the dump truck in various conditions and tracks, like onto and off of the river barges with heavy load
  • Communicate with good language and gesture in all occasions, like when backing, discussing, and more
  • Follow policies and procedures set by the company and make proper report for anything to the superiors


Boston, MA

03/2010 – 02/2015

  • Monitor the vehicle mileage in daily basis and maintain the logs to report to the superiors when needed
  • Perform inspection of the vehicle to make sure safe operation, make report of the maintenance, and make repair if there is any problem
  • Make daily maintenance to check on things and ensure smooth operation when the vehicle is used
  • Load and unload the equipment and materials in the most proper manner possible
  • Operate the dump truck in various job sites, including public highways, roads, yard, and more
  • Perform other minor duties commanded by the superiors to do in the workplace


New York, NY

01/2005 – 02/2010

  • Provide assistance to the construction crews, including loading and unloading equipment and materials
  • Move the equipment and materials as needed and as ordered by the superiors to do so
  • Familiar oneself with the products to gain good knowledge of them to well present them to the customers
  • Make sure the clean and proper condition of the vehicle inside and outside by following the standard rules and regulations
  • Complete the paperwork with detailed information to report to the superiors of the company

EDUCATION                       MELLON HIGH SCHOOL

                                                High School Diploma


  • Sufficient ability to make effective communication with superiors and customers, be it verbal or written way of speaking to each other
  • Obedience in following the existing laws and instructions set by the company in the workplace or even at the job sites
  • Excellent skills in operating the vehicle in the safest and most professional way possible on variety of tracks, like highway, road, etc.
  • Good ability to read, write, and do mathematical calculations to track keep track of the time and make material records
  • Capability to work independently or in team environment with good teamwork, understanding, and smart thinking


Dump Truck Driver Resume Sample

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