What is the Effective Date Resignation Letter?

When an employee is about to ask for a sudden resignation due to several reasons, then an effective date resignation letter is the right document to prepare. Not only talking to the manager/supervisor about the resignation, yet the effective date resignation letter is also an important document to submit for an immediate resignation.

81 What is the effective date resignation letter

How to resign effective immediately?

There are several professional methods you need to know to maintain a good reputation and a nice relationship between you and the company as well as other colleagues. To resign effective immediately, ensure you follow several simple guides written below.

  1. Think again about your immediate resignation before talking to the manager/supervisor. Ensure you have a logical reason to leave the job.
  2. Arrange a schedule to talk with the manager/supervisor. It is the only professional way to directly explain the reason for leaving the job and when to decide the last date of the job.
  3. Discuss and negotiate properly with the supervisor/manager with any issues related to the immediate resign. Both parties have to be in the same situation that is advantaging each other.
  4. Prepare an effective date resignation letter and send it to the manager/supervisor as a legal document to record your working activity.

How many days should I tender my resignation?

Tendering the resignation means to notify the manager/supervisor about your job resignation. In this case, there is a standard procedure you have to follow while requesting a resignation. Each company usually has its job resignation regulations in the job contract letter. If it is clearly explained there, you may follow what is written in the contract paper. However, if it is not, then ensure to send the letter two weeks or a month before the resignation date.

What to include and not to include in an effective date resignation letter?

If it is your first time to write a resignation letter, you should keep in mind that there are several important things to include in an effective date resignation letter.

  1. Reason for leaving the job

It is the main point to clearly explain in the letter. It is not suggested to use fake reason. Instead, provide the real reason for leaving the job yet still maintaining professionalism while explaining the reason.

  1. The last date of working

Inform the supervisor/manager about the last date of you working in the company. As mentioned before, you should send this letter at least two weeks or a month before resignation.

  1. Job transition process

Before leaving the job, it is suggested to offer help to the manager/supervisor dealing with the job transition process. Either to hire a new employee or to pick an employee from the agency, it will be nicer and better to explain that you are ready to help to show respect.

  1. Contact information

Just in case the company needs to contact you for an emergency or anything dealing with the job before you leave the company, ensure to inform them of your contact information, such as phone number or email address.

  1. Do not include any critics or complaints

The letter should be brief and not talk about complaints or critics towards other employees. Pay attention to the manner and keep it professional.

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