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An email signature, as the name suggests, is a signature affixed under someone’s email. Although this may seem trivial, it turns out the email signature is part of a brand image that makes it easy for recipients to recognize you and your company. Email signature is also known as email footer.

Email Signature psd

The importance of email signatures

Email signatures play an important role in the context of reinforcing brand awareness. This can also provide more marketing opportunities.

What should be in an email signature

The following are the things that are mandatory in an email signature

  1. Name of sender, company, and position
  2. Contact information that includes company telephone numbers, customer care telephone numbers, and links to official websites or blogs
  3. Company logo so that it can be recognized by the recipient of the email
  4. Social media icons: because email is interactive, you can attach social media icons that can be clicked directly by the recipient to the company profile

Email Signature templates psd

What SHOULD be in an email signature template

To facilitate your work as an employee, we provide free email signature templates that you can modify to suit your needs and that of your company. Here is the “rule of thumb” for selecting email signature templates:

1. Neat design

Always choose neat templates. Customize the color scheme with the corporate colors and fonts specified in the company stylesheet.

Email Signature templates for photoshop

2. Include an image

Clear visuals are more memorable to the recipient of the e-mail than a row of text. However, you do not carelessly include images in your email signature. Research shows that the most memorable photo is a photo that involves humans. In addition, color photos are also more memorable than black and white photos. So, don’t be shy to put your profile photo to the left of your email signature.

Email Signature in psd design

3. Does not contain too much texts

Limit your email signature to 4 lines of text, no more. Email signatures are not part of the contents of the email so that the recipient should not capture the attention of more than that.

What SHOULD NOT be in an email signature template

1. Using colliding color schemes

Colorful email signatures are certainly more interesting and memorable than monochrome email signatures. However, colliding color schemes, blue and green, for example, will obscure the intent of the email signature itself. So, pay attention to the color scheme that is used. Stick to 2 colors that aren’t blended.

2. Bullet list

Email signatures are not presentations or listings. So, avoid using bullet lists.

Email Signature in photoshop

3. GIF-animation

Maybe you think that the use of GIF-animation in email signatures shows that you are a tech-savvy. However, good email signatures do not use this gimmick. Email signatures are not more personal forum signatures. Moreover, the use of GIF animation sometimes makes it difficult for the recipient. Not all devices can display the GIF signature perfectly.

4. Adding the email address you are sending your email from

This is redundant information which can even confuse recipients. So, you should undo the intention to fulfill the email signature by affixing your email address like this.

Email Signature psd templates

Email Signature Design Ideas

Email Signature psd templates

Email Signature customizable psd design templates

Email Signature Example

Email Signature example psd design Email Signature in photoshop

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