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Employee self evaluation is one of an important component in the company. This form has function to evaluate the performance of the employee. In short, it is the performance review that gives the list or rank of achievements that the employees have done.

This form also appears as the review of the projects that has been done so far. It can be seen whether the projects are done successfully or if there is some troubles in the process. This kind of letter shows what the employees have given to the company.

It shows the contribution that they have completed until now. Even though the company may have prepared the ready-made form to the employees, most of the time it is the employees themselves who need to make their own review.

The company will ask the employees to create the form and list the achievement that they have done so far in a good and clear arrangement. Some of the employees may have experienced to create this kind of thing but, there are people who do not know how to start it as well.

Thus, the employee self-evaluation form templates below will help you to organize your information and to create the form that you really need the most. There are various samples that you can choose. You will also understand about several characteristics that need to appear on the form.

How to Create Good Employee Self Evaluation

To create this evaluation form, you need to make sure that you remember all of the events or projects that you have been done. Also, you need to know about your personal value and the strength that you have. It will boats your total performance in front of the supervisor or manager.

Aside of that, if you are confuse to choose what template that is suitable for you, you can always start it with the basic one. The basic model consist of simple template with minimum tables. Usually, it only consists of two tables with columns.

In the first place, you will need to write your name, position in the working place, ID registration and date of birth or other detail information there. Below that section, you can put description that related to you and to the form.

Then, the next one you will have questions and answers. Here, you can check the samples of questions as reference and match it with your answers. You can put several questions that related to your performance in a working area. You can put sample assessment example with checked.

In some designs, you can bring your form with only certain or specific questions and answer it with paragraphs or narration. The arrangement of the design is almost similar. You can put the name information and the position of the job along with the date and the evaluation period.

You can put around five questions that related to the achievement, the personal value, and the performance of running projects in the questions form. Here, you can answer it with full paragraphs. You can put questions of the significant accomplishment in the job or in the working place.

Then, you can also ask about how you can accomplish the tasks. Usually, it will continue to the achievement that you failed to get. The other two questions talked about the goals you have and the plan of how you can achieve your goals. All of these can be written in your employee self evaluation.


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