Entry Level Software Engineer Resume Sample

Entry level software engineer resume sample will be useful for those who want to join with a new company. As we know, a resume will be the first requirement to be submitted during the process of recruitment. By the resume, recruiter will get the consideration before applying a candidate.

A resume is the important document that is used to show your personal information. Then, a resume is also able to be used showing the skills, achievement and experiences of you. By showing those matters, of course you could claim as a potential candidate to be recruited.

Well, in this occasion, we will talk about a sample of it. With knowing the sample, of course you will be able to know what to include inside a resume. For those who are curious with it, please take a sit and read some following writings below.

Sample of Entry Level Software Engineer Resume

Geovanni Moler

2730 Jacobson Via, Detroit, MI. Phone: +1 (555) 638 1928


Entry Level Software Engineer

08/2014 – present

  • Employing best practices and emerging the technology with the strong emphasis in securing the practices of coding
  • Working on the project using some of the following technologies, tools and the languages
  • Utilizing the modern object oriented techniques of the programming of computer and agile methodologies of programming
  • Developing the software for windows using the programming of network
  • Developing the management and controlling the platform using the network scaling form the very small to very large
  • Keeping up-to-date on emerging technologies and the tools
  • Working knowledge of the system with real time

Entry Level Software Engineer

Detroit, MI

09/2007 – 03/2014

  • Creating product according to the product specification and the process of the software development
  • Developing and delivering detailed solution of IT through consulting the activities of project
  • Comprehensive knowledge of all application of Microsoft Office, such as Word, Excel and Access
  • Creating the certification artifact and send it for the agency of approval
  • Working knowledge of EZ Trieve, DB2, development of web, style sheets and reports of crystal
  • Creating the engineering documentations to comply with the policies of product development, procedures and practices
  • Working knowledge of development of embedded application, developing, testing and deploying application on custom device and hardware


Seton Hall University

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science



  • Possesses the basic understanding in one or two programming languages, technologies and tools with the ability to learn and to apply the knowledge quickly
  • Analyzes a chain of events and applies technical knowledge following established procedure and the detailed specification
  • Excellent communication skills both in verbal and written
  • Ability to demonstrate the communication effectively
  • Good knowledge about the big data analysis and the science of data
  • Strong skills in critical thinking and ability to think about innovation
  • Able to contribute and to deliver the solution for any problem
  • Strong commitment in business
  • Excellent skills in interpersonal
  • Experience in radar and process of signal
  • Learning well about the physic of electro-magnetic propagation
  • Good vibes
  • Have high passion and open minded with kinds of innovation to support the development of management



Entry Level Software Engineer Resume Sample

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