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Step by Step to Make an Equipment Bill of Sale Template

Equipment bill of sale can be defined as a document generally used if you buy or sell any valuable equipment piece. The examples of equipment are such as office tools & machinery, kitchen equipment, entertainment tools and general & home uses.

Sample Bill of Sale for Heavy Equipment Templates


How to Write an Equipment Bill of Sale

After an agreement is achieved, you have directly to make an equipment bill of sale template. If this is the first time you will make that form, you may be confused. In fact, there are some steps that you need to follow to make the proper form. Let’s see the following step by step below.

Sample Blank Equipment Bill of Sale Templates

First of all, you have to provide the information of both parties that include the seller and buyer. You have to state the person who becomes the buyer and the person who becomes the seller. Make sure that you write their full original names.

Besides the names, you can also be more complete by providing the address of each party. However, it is just an optional. You can follow it by the information of the price. Here, you have to state the price clearly in US dollar or the legal currency in your country.

After you inform the buyer, seller and price, the second step is to provide description in the equipment bill of sale form. In this step, you have to describe the equipment as detailed and clear as possible. You can start the type of the equipment whether it belongs to light or heavy machinery.

Besides that, you also need to describe the “make” of the equipment. Then, you also should inform about the equipment model. Next, you also cannot forget informing the year of equipment being made. In addition, the serial number should also be included.

If the equipment belongs to heavy equipment, you also need to include odometer readings if applicable. One more, you should describe the date of transaction including the date, month and year clearly.

After you fulfill the form completely, there is one more step to follow to make this form valid. What you need to provide at the end of the form are signatures. Starts from the buyer, it should include the buyer’s signature, date of signature and the buyer’s printed name.

Then, it is followed by the seller. It includes the seller’s signature, date of signature and the seller’s printed name. The next is signature of witness. It includes the witness signature, date of respective signature and witness printed name. Usually, there is more than one witness, at least 2 witnesses.

Before you make the bill of sale, you have to ensure authenticity first. Here, you have to check the serial number of the equipment that will be sold. Besides, you also have to make sure that you buy the equipment from the actual owner.

Then, it is also important to check whether the equipment works well or not. If you are not familiar with the equipment details, you can ask someone who knows better about the equipment. After everything is clear, you can make an equipment bill of sale by following the guidelines above.


Sample Equipment Bill of Sale Form Printable Templates Sample equipment bill of sale form Templates Sample equipment bill of sale Templates

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