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Essay outline provides structure & guidance for the writers as they start the drafting process. To make an essay outline template, you have to understand about the information organized in the essay outline. At least, there are 3 basic sections you must include in the essay outline.

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How to Write an Essay Outline Template

Now, let’s learn how to make an essay outline form. In the first section, you have to provide introduction in the essay outline. It includes an attention getting opening & also general information about the topic. The information should be more specific as you progress through the subsection.

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Still related to the introduction, the first sub-point is a sentence which introduces the topic of essay like a shocking fact. The second sub-point is topic description, background, or the history of issue. The last sub-point must be thesis statement where you state argument or idea you plan to discuss.

After you finish the first section, you can continue to the second section. In the second section, what you need to provide is the body information of the essay. This should be the biggest part of the essay so that you can devote minimally 3 subsections.

Here, you cannot label every point as the main point. Under every main point, you need to write the supporting evidence to back up the point. If you want, you can also include a sentence which transitions into the next major point at the end of every main idea section.

The last section of the essay outline is conclusion. You must provide the conclusion information clearly. This should return the readers to the general discussion in the introduction. There are some things to do to make the conclusion information.

Firstly, you need to restate the thesis. Here, you cannot copy the original thesis statement but restate the idea in a new way. Besides that, it usually discusses the thesis implication and proposes solutions to the problems explained in the essay. You can also explain the importance of the thesis.

Tips to Make an Essay Outline Template

There are some tips in making an essay outline. First of all, you have to read carefully the assignment guidelines. If you have understood the guidelines well, you can begin the essay outline. Besides that, you also have to develop a topic. What you need to do is to outline a paper.

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Then, you should identify the purpose. You can ask yourself what you want to accomplish with the essay outline. You also must identify the audience. It may be your instructor, classmates, strangers, etc. After that, you should develop the thesis.

If you have made an essay outline, you have to check it against the assignment sheet. Make sure that you have fulfilled the requirements wholly. If needed, you can double check and make sure that it can satisfy the readers.

After you understand all the steps and the tips above, now you can practice to write an essay outline template. If you follow the guidelines above, you can make one rightly. Hopefully this will be a useful reference.



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